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Digging Up Positivity March 2024

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Welcome to a packed episode of Digging Up Positivity! The convention season is gearing up and boy does it show!
In this episode:

  • Many charities in March, pushing us over the $400,000 raised this year!
  • A lovely memoriam for Mark Merlino, also known as Sy Sable.
  • Nomad Complex is able to return, backed by the fandom.
  • AnthroAir: Virtual airplanes for a real fandom!
  • And the Good Furry Award.

Also I am happy to work together with artwork-tee, and there is a new pawtastic T-shirt in the store, for more details on how to get one, stay with us till the end of the show!

Charity Updates


In Scotland, the amazing critters of Scotiacon raised $28,387.01 for the Hebridean Whale and Dolphin Trust, where they showed Europe for the second time in a row that they are very capable to be counted amongst the top conventions in this part of the world.


In Sweden, we had NordicFuzzCon, and my first year as a member of their amazing charity team. And it was truly an honour to announce on stage that we raised $37,574.71 for U-Animals. Helping the animals affected in the war zones of Ukraine.

Fur Squared

The wonderful folks from Fur Squared raised $17,069.69 for the Humane Animal Welfare Society an open admission and no kill shelter in Milwaukee.


At VancouFur, they raised $22,173.77 for QMUNITY, a Vancouver based organisation that works to improve the lives of LGBTQ members.

Cami’s Memorial Fund

At NordicFuzzCon Cami, also known as Kiri was a beloved guest from the FurScience team. Unfortunately during the trip she ended up with a painful infection that resulted in her unfortunate passing, leaving her beloved to pick up the pieces.

He reached out to the fandom, who responded with the love and warmth that Cami was known for herself and the GoFundMe is sitting at $19,962 as we speak.

Melbourne Furry Convention

In the other end of the world, at the Melbourne Furry Convention, 464 enthusiastic furs managed to raise $4,396.77 for Odanata: Mt Rothwell, a non profit entity supporting biodiversity impact solutions, helping local commerce with more
sustainable solutions for a better tomorrow!

Radio Rabbit Hole: Supporting Citrine Husky

Being a music artist can be quite the challenge. And your equipment can be quite expensive. Our friends at Radio Rabbithole were heartbroken when they found out that Citrine Huski his macbook did break down after 10 years of faithful service. So they decided to set up a go fund me! Which currently sits at $1,325!

Spicy Ramen Challenge Round 4

Bandit Raccoon and their friends are still going strong, raising money for ALS with their Spicy Ramen challenge! In Round 4 Flash managed to get through all rounds, raising $200! Just look at the snoot, that stuff is hot!

Texas Furry Fiesta

The wonderful furs at Texas Furry Fiesta raised $35,456 for Texas Care Rescue, a non profit organisation dedicated to the long term care of over 60 animals, including mountain lions, tigers, bobcats, ring-tail lemurs and more.

Furnal Equinox

A whopping 3,647 visitors at Furnal Equinox in Canada raised $8,862.78 for Procyon Wildlife, an organisation working hard to preserve native species in Ontario.

Gateway FurMeet

At Gateway FurMeet 978 wonderful guests came together and raised $18,322 for Saint Lous Pet Rescue!

A fursuiters worst nightmare

At NordicFuzzcon, there are a dreadful incident, where a fursuit head got desecrated in a most vile manner. But the fandom has banded together, and the amount of warmth and support for the victim was astounding! The GoFundMe about this incident reached its goal in less than 24 hours with $2,646.10 raised! Now that is some restorative justice!

Team Dogbomb

In April, Team Dogbomb will join the Walk ALS Triangle again, but they are already raising funds! With the help of people like Uncle Kage, they already have raised $5,476 dollars and it is still so far before the event even starts!

Other Fandom News

The Good Furry Award

A new year, and a new Good Furry Award. They have listened to last year’s feedback, and some things are changing! Like new categories such as the Good Egg Award, furries who are charitable and doing volunteer work in and around the fandom. The Image award, furries who are presenting the fandom is a good way through media in any form and the Furtastic Award, for furries doing good work for the community that don’t fit well in the first two categories. You can submit a nomination for any of these categories until September 1st.

Nomad Complex Relaunch

Throughout the fandom we have various companies that make sure we can dress up in furry gear, looking our best. One of the more favourite choices of many was Nomad Complex. But unfortunately they had to close shop. However the community outreach was astounding, resulting in a kickstarter where 4,209 backers raised $614,619.01 allowing them to get back into the game.

45 seconds of ticket sales

It is no secret that furry events all over the world are rapidly gaining in size. One of the Dutch Furcons, aptly named Dutch FurCon, had their 100 spots sold out in a whopping 45 seconds. Last year this was five minutes. It comes to show that not just the big conventions are rapidly gaining popularity!


Ah yes, the great and wonderful skies. Some of us really love to watch planes, and then we have AnthroAir! A lovely account where they make skins for airplanes featuring our favorite icons and conventions from the fandom as they fly towards popular furry destinations. I love their designs, check them out on AnthroAir on the website formerly known as Twitter.

Taproom opens in Seattle

In February a taproom opened in Seattle. But not any taproom! A furry taproom with all sorts of delicious cider and cool merch with some wonderful furry puns such as the pineapp-owl and cinnabear, just mouth watering. If you want to check them out, go to slightlyfurry dot com for their info and drop by next time you are in Seattle!

Featurette: Mark (Sy)

And now for our featurette, the late Mark Merlino, also known as Sy Sable, a truly wonderful person that left a huge legacy. Four people join me, telling what he meant to them. Star Raccoon, Joe G. Bear, Viper, and we start of with Score Chaser.

[In Memorium Videos]
Thank you for everything you have done. You will be sorely missed by many.

Thank You

A huge thank you for staying with us till the very end of this jampacked March episode! We have a wonderful new t-shirt in my Artwork-Tee store called PAWS: People Always Want Hugs [sic; Editor note: T-shirt screenshot seem to say 'Snuggles' not 'Hugs' in video]. Something I most certainly believe in! You can find the link in the description or go to and go to partner store to click on Thabo Meerkat.

If you want to see me, I am live every-ish week on Monday evening on Twitch, with a mirror stream on this channel with some vibey music and nice art. However, if you want to toss a coin to a meerkat and support me, you can do that through a channel membership or a sign-up on Subscribestar, and receive the Digging Up Positivity episodes a bit earlier than the rest!

And of course you will be named amongst these amazing people. For Subscribe Star: Manick, Cosmik with a K, Taross, Hanzana, and Score Chaser. For YouTube: LorekByrnison086, Wither, and Longtooth. For Patreon: Tantroo McNally, Ishnula, and Els Deckers. For Twitch Subscribers: AjabuYeen, Falconeio, Jake_R_G, Swex_The_Mischevious_Fox, AuraPuffs, Drohan-Star-Bear, Duwahli, JansDeTrekGans, Macelcoppersan, Ishnula.

The next episode of Digging Up Positivity will be on April 27th, see you around and all the hugs! Stay awesome y'all


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