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Mainstream Media Roundup for Sep-Oct 2008

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Another coupla months, another coupla conventions, and another dozen or so furries in the world media! How fun!

Furries appear on American Dad!

Furries Wanted
Canada’s Space Channel is looking for you — lock the doors. (I kid!)

Humanimals; parts one, two and three
Furries, therians and all manner of human-animals.

Roadside Romeo
The furriest flick you’ve never heard of. Disney’s Bollywood arm brings us a smart-talking dog.

Furry Rambling
The New York Times snaps up some fur in a segment on obsessions… quite.

Vroom Vroom!
(See above) A light-hearted jab at furries; apparently Mr Squirrely isn’t good enough for Patrick Stuart.

A lone fursuiter braves Hurricane Ike.

Hump pile anyone?
So much for the Canadians being nice!

We ain't afraid of no hurricane!
A lone fursuiter braves Hurricane Ike.

Adult Swim at Dragon*Con
"trying to bridge human and dragon understanding"

Speak Dutch? Like fursuiting?
TMF on fursuiting… in Dutch… good.

Hammy draws in the furry vote for Obama.

Make plush, not war
(See below) Over the Hedge’s Hammy helps Obama gain the furry vote.

As seen in Thueringer Allgemeine, and Rennsteig.TV!


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