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Kyell Gold becomes most successful Ursa Major winner ever

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The front cover of Out of Position, which won the award for 'Best Novel' for Kyell Gold, and 'Best Published Illustration' for Blotch

The furry homoerotic fiction writer Kyell Gold is now officially the most acclaimed furry writer ever, having won more Ursa Major Awards than anyone else.

Gold (his fursona, not his real name) won "Best Novel" with Out of Position and "Best Short Fiction" with Drifting. This brings his total number of awards that he has won since their creation to eight, making him the most successful individual in their history, beating previous holder Stan Sakai, creator of Usagi Yojimbo, who has six.

Also, Gold wrote for Heat #6, which won the award for "Best Magazine", and the cover for Out of Position, designed by Blotch, won "Best Published Illustration".

Other awards went to Housepets! for "Best Comic Strip", while Concession won "Best Graphic Story". The award for "Best Other Literary Work" went to Lindsay Cibos and Jared Hodges’s Draw Furries: How to Create Anthropomorphic and Fantasy Animals, which beat the BBC News article Who Are the Furries?, the first journalistic piece ever to be nominated for a UMA.

Elsewhere, 3D blockbuster movie Avatar won "Best Motion Picture", The Penguins of Madagascar won "Best Short Subject or Series" and Ratchet and Clank Feature: A Crack in Time won "Best Game".


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Glorifying homosexualty is what the furry fandom is all about. Who said you guys weren't about sex and fetishes? Quit hiding it and just out and say it, you're all a bunch of perverts who enjoy weird sex. That's what your cons and get togethers are about. Don't lie and say you like cartoons or some crap like that, nobody's buying it. This book wouldn't stand a chance in a real bookstore. Badly drawn people having awkward sex is no more entertaining than badly drawn animals having awkward sex like people.

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Ever read a book by Kyell Gold? I can tell by your post.

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Interesting.. I've never heard of Kyell Gold. The cover picture caught my eye but I'm not really one for homoerotic stories. I do however like furry fiction so I'm definatly gunna check him out.
Hes got a few titles on his website that look pretty good. Nice find!

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