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Midwest FurFest Announces 2001 Dates, Guests

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It's official! Midwest FurFest 2001 will be held on November 16-18th 2001, at the Sheraton Arlington Park in Arlington Heights, Illinois. We're returning to the same weekend, and the same hotel as last year, and we're looking forward to providing more of the fun and excitment of last year's convention!

We're also very proud to have Mary Hanson-Roberts and Jessica 'Ginger' Willard, as our first two confirmed Guests of Honor! Mary Hansen-Roberts is probably best known to furry fandom for her epic comic, 'Here Comes a Candle'. Originally serialized in Furrlough, it is now available from Shanda Fantasy Arts as a single trade paperback. Mary's art also appears at many furry and SF convention art shows around the US, and is always a popular seller. Jessica 'Ginger' Willard is a former wizard of Furtoonia MUCK, and is another fan favorite artist, best known for her 'Falstaff' character. Jessica also works at Wolf Park, one of Midwest FurFest 2000's charities.

We'll have more guest announcements in the future, so keep your ears perked and your eyes trained on our website. Hope to see you at the convention!


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Looks like the website link got messed up. It's

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Ooops. Fixed, now.

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