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Tori introduces you to the new!

Well, as far as I can tell everything is up and running! All systems are go and all your base are belong to us! So let's give a run down of all the new stuff going on here!

We're now run off a completely self-coded interface, giving us massive amounts of extensibility and opportunities for many new features - which will be coming along as time comes on (the new to-do list on the admin interface is absolutely packed).

Adding stuff is as simple as ducks, and it's all published instantly to our front page, which makes for a great platform for all you budding writers and artists out there! Just make sure you format things properly!

Just to give you a sneak peek, stuff planned for the next versions include RSS feeds, video embedding and uploading, better image placement management (they're currently displayed in predefined positions depending on the article type), search, vote functions and drafting functions.

Yes, I'm going to have a lot ahead of me :P

Meanwhile, enjoy!


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