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Social networking... furry style!

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ConFur, Tori Belliachi's attempt at the now defunct idea of the first furry social network

Your read that headline, and you better believe it, cause it's (hopefully) coming to your internetz sometime in April! If it isn't already online!

Yes, this is the much noted ConFur, yet another project by our very own Tori Belliachi - more commonly known as me - and Furry Media International. Details are still in the writing at the time of going to that virtual press, but expect a basic site with basic features; which will soon end up as one big thang with every feature you could dream of (we're talking maybe the year 20 million here.)

ConFur, quickspeak for "Connected Furries" and the very apt word for such classic English as "discuss" and "bring together", is hoping ot be the first site of it's kind. A social network aimed purely at the furry fandom. There is no base. The whole site is being coded from scratch by lead coder and general web genie, Macenzie Wolf.

Can such a thing ever succeed? Send your views to and you might just get printed!


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