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The Round House

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The Round House, the fatfur art and story archive

Hello and welcome to the first ever Site Spotlight, in the debut issue of the Furtean Times. Today the spotlight is on a site which has been consistently popular for eight years, it is based around fatfurs and is still going strong today. You guessed it, The Round House. The site is owned and run by Darkwulf on the Wulfnet server.

The Round House is split into three sections, the gallery featuring the artwork of many popular artists such as Blue, Tombfyre, Oz Kangaroo, Fanimal and lots more as well as the art of newer, lesser known artists. It also has a popular story section where they feature the stories of many different furs, they will post most art and stories, so get those masterpieces sent in!

The Round House also has a large links section to feast your eyes on, with many of the artists featured on the site have their personal websites here, and it's worth taking a look at some of your favourites, because you might be able to find some pictures or stories which you can't find anywhere else! Happy surfing. —Cyan


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