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News roundup for September 2007

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News headlines from around the fandom!

Promotional image for the Furries vs. Klingon's bowling match

Furries Fight Trekkies in Bowling Extravaganza
Atlanta hopes to answer the question on everyone's mind - Who would win between furries and Trekkies in a bowling competition?

UK Musical Follows Tale's Footsteps
Yiff! The Musical, having been in production for nearly a year, has it's first stage reading in London.

Frazzle Finishes First in Fandom's Favourite Fursuit Fracas
Frazzle beats off 166 other fursuits to be crowned the fandom's favourite fursuit. Ot at least the favourite out of all those which were entered.

Eurofurence Rejects Softpaw
The popular European con stops the sale of the mature babyfur publication, citing Germany's fuzzy pornography laws.

Krystel's Sandwich Sparks Mass Meme
A Star Fox character cannot enjoy their light snack. Mass riots ensue.

More Events to Leave You ConFuzzled
ConFuzzled, the UK convention being held next year, unleashes even more events upon the world.

Fur Affinity Goes Down As Disruption Breaks the Ranks
Alkora has black mould and searing illnesses. Dragoneer wants to take the site off his hands. Epic battle commences. Resulting in exactly the same terms as before anything happened.

Linden Labs Considers Yiff Ban
Bestiality may be getting banned in Second Life. But are furries real animals? It's a fuzzy line under the microscope here.

Furs Give "Furry Tales" 10 Paws Up
Furry Tales, a musical about a troll finding friendship in the furry fandom, gets a standing ovation at it's first stage reading.

Anthrocon 07's Big Bang
The world's largest furry convention enters it's eleventh event on Independence Day, and it does it with a bloody big bang!

Furry Estates Switch Paws
FurNation Worlds, Serenity Woods and a number of other furry-centric Second Life regions have been bought up and sold off.

Poink Passed On
The famous Funday Pawpet, known for it's numerous modifications, gets sold on by owner Jackrabbit.

Yiffin' It!
Closed art community ArtSpots launches two new mature art sites, names Yiffit and Furverts, to draw in more high class artworks.


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