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This quarter's furry outlook!

HBO made plans to create a documentary series on Second Life, with one episode dedicated to furries

HBO's Furry Doc
Broadcaster HBO gains rights to a program on Second Life, with one episode putting the spotlight on furries in the virtual world.

The Lion King Used to Promote Jihad to Minors
Terrorist group Hamas uses a show strongly resembling The Lion King to encourage new extremists.

Dragons Rule, Humans Drool in New Novel
In a world where dragonic overlords rule over the human race, one man sets out to destroy Bitterwood in the only way he knows how. By killing all the humans!

A page from Guinness World Records, listing Anthrocon 2006 as the world's largest furry fan club (a record beaten again and again in subsequent years.)

Furries Hit the Record Books
The 2008 edition of Guinness World Records calls Anthrocon the "largest furry fan club" in the world.

Interview with Uncle Kage
A Pittsburgh paper interviews Anthrocon chairman "Uncle" Kage about what furries really are.

How Furry is it?
The normally critical Register gives a fairly unbiased view of the furry fandom, concentrating on our contribution to Silicon Valley.


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