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Media roundup for January 2009

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What's going up, down, sideways and a little bit diagonally in the world of furry media.

Orestes Pursued by the Furries

Orestes Pursued by the Furries
How to remix 19th Century masterpieces, furry style!

The Bizarre RBW Followup
We drew attention to Bizarre Magazine's coverage of RBW 2008 in the last Media Roundup, now ya can get even more online!

Fursuits at CES... possibly
The Consumer Electronics Show tends to have some mascots, but are they actually tech-savvy furs in disguise?

Remi Gaillard sends people hopping mad
Remember, just because you dress up as an animal doesn't mean that you can act like one.

A Guide to Second Life Animal Hybrids
From furry to feral, animals in Second Life; courtesy of Kotaku.

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