Media tidbits for March/April 2009

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A Diesel Sweeties strip takes note of the furry fandom.

Yet more fuzzy randomness from the folks at Furry Media!

Rude Britannia
No Fursuit sex please, we're British.

Mystical furry
is mystical (pictured).

A Life in Fur
In progress student documentary. According to one person, furries are apparently really small, angry Furbies. I'd drink to that!

A photo book on the "cult phenomenon" of fursuit sex.

Fursuiters: Extreme stuff
(4:00 - 5:10) Transformation, just not the usual kind...

A photo essay.

The unexpected adventures of a geeky girl and a furry convention
Does exactly what it says on the tin!

How Fursuiting Works
Josh Clark from How Stuff Works ponders fursuiters.


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