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Hello world!

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Hello ladies and gentlefurs! Remember to keep your cursor over that close button just in case your mum walks in on you, cause this issue is all about fighting your way out of the closet and announcing your fuzzy little persuasion to the world… should you wish to of course.

You see, announcing something like the furry fandom to the world is like having sex with a beautiful woman (or man, depending); there’s no right or wrong way of doing it, and in any case you’re going to need to do it softly to coax it in as if it were something good but perfectly natural. Go in too hard and you could cause more harm than good, too soft and your advances may go unnoticed.

Okay, that simile got creepy. Anyway, should you choose to oust yourself or not, you can at least enjoy the tunes along the way. Yes, in a desperate act to do something completely different I’m going to be doing my article through the medium of music, colour and text.

Enjoy the show, be sure to take advantage of comments, and be sure to sign The Chained Wolf’s petition! (Although you’ll probably want to know why first!)


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