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WikiFur exoduses from host Wikia

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The WikiFur international homepage

Internet furry encyclopaedia WikiFur has finally made it’s way from Wikia following disputes over the wiki-farms new advertising policies.

Wikia, co-founded by Wikipedia chairman Jimbo Wales, has in recent years been struggling to make enough money to keep itself in the black and a few months ago introduced plans to introduce more intrusive advertising and the forcing of new formatting of wikis to anonymous users - which make up the majority of Wikia’s userbase (curiously Wikia’s largest hosted wiki, Uncyclopedia, is unaffected by the changes, ensuring cries of favouritism).

After Wikia refused to change their stance on the matter, WikiFur administrators voted unanimously to leave the host with just one abstention.

The new server has been kindly donated by popular fursuiter Timduru at no cost to the WikiFur userbase.


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