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T.D. Wolf: Hello Tori this is T.D. Wolf your polythiest fur dude. I first off want to thank the trolls, that's right, THANK the trolls. It was them in the beginning that had made the furry population so popular for even though their advertisement of us is bad it allowed the intelligent ones to actually look up of what the fandom is. If it wasn't for them many of us would of stayed in hiding instead of took step and stood up for what we believe in. They complained saying that we shouldn't be out here spreading the word when in fact they themselves our the reason we stand out. Our population has been growing and its thanks to them and their prejudice. I may have just stated the obvious but its one more thing we can laugh about.

Tori: Indeed it is true that all the bad attention the furry fandom gets can have positive effects! Not only does it give us something to all have a titter at (like the infamous CSI episode), but it has created a good number of good and bad furs! There are the bad, that will see the shows and go "Hey, sex in animal costumes! Kinky!" and start going around calling themselves a fur without knowing what it's really about; the more intelligent ones will see the episode and look it up on such handy resources as Wikipedia and wiseGeek. Trollers themselves are a world of contradiction and hypocrisy, but that's just more to joke about!

Xinon Hyena: First of I must say thanks for defending the fandom so much, it's really amazing how brave you take on those massive amounts of trolls on to the point where they depend once again on their cliche words.

Anyway I'm inspired by it, I also search youtube for those impolite people to give some fun comments and mocking them for their stupidity, I'm also now provoking them to reply on my user channel, more because I really enjoy reading their crazy ass rants.

Good Luck further Tori Belliachi. ^^

Tori: As much as it may seem a little backwards, it's better to not provoke trolls unless you really know what you're doing. Before I even tried I had scrambled passwords and read up on every topic I came across, then using everything they say against them. It's the logical and common sense way of doing things - and as you said - "they depend once again on their cliche words."

brisingr333: I am a furry and I LOVED the video Furry Facts. I was wondering what song that is that you used for it, because that is one of the most beautiful songs I have heard. Thank you.

Tori: It's Hands Down by Dashboard Confessional - as covered by String Quartet Tribute. You can find a list of all their many, MANY albums (nearly 260 of them!) at Vitamin Records.

Seamus Stimpson: 1. How did you first learn what the furry lifestyle was?
2. Prior to knowing what furries were, did you think you were in any way different. What caused you to levitate towards this lifestyle?
3. How would you define yourself? (Answer as open ended as you can)
4. When does your furry life separate from your regular one, if at all?
5. Why did you choose the character that you have (if you identify with one)?
6. How have your friends and family reacted to this lifestyle, if they know?
7. Have you faced any persecution or animosity through your lifestyle.
8. Where do you stand spiritually/religiously?
9. If you're comfortable answering, how does this influence your sex life?
10. What are your feelings on the media perceptions of furs, are there similarities between these assumptions.
11. Are there any well known furs outside of the furry community? Closet furs?
12. What are your interests that extend beyond being a fur?
13. Anything else you feel that's important for non-furs to know?

Tori: 1. Like many people, my first experience of the furry fandom was the artwork! Thank goodness for Scooby Doo and Google Images!
2. Was I different? Yeah, in a way I was. I was the only person around who seemed to like people for themselves in an environment where that wasn't the common thing to do. I was basically outcasted for being the good guy.
3. Define reality. I can't judge myself any better than saying that I am what I am.
4. My personal and furry lives are knitted together better than a new sweater from your favourite grandma. Everyone knows I'm a furry and thanks to things such as my video series, they know and respect furry for what it is and what it can be.
5. I wasn't always a folf. I started a wolf because it was basically the first thing I thought up. Some people say I look like a wolf and act like one too, so it just seemed to fit. I later became a folf, because the foxyfluffs are just too cute!
6. They're all fine with it!
7. Offline I suffer very little persecution for being a furry, most of it is joking about - and this one eejit who thinks it's about dressing up as Furbies.
8. In terms of spirituality, I'm fairly agnostic - leaning on theism. I was raised a Roman Catholic, however disagree with many of it's views. I fully agree with freedom of religion.
9. Furry doesn't affect my sex life at all. It's the person you love that's the focus, not the one with the big-breasted persona.
10. Most of what the media sees are exaggerated reports of small sections of the fandom that are largely criticized, although they may have some basis in fact, most of it is dramatisation.
11. Maybe the best known furry - known outside the fandom too - could be Doctor Samuel Conway, a pharmaceutical researcher and author with three patents. As for closet furs, we can always hope for comedian and presenter Stephen Fry - who fulfils the furry stereotype (intelligent, gay, avid internet user and animal lover) quite admirably.
12. My own interests include web design, photography, unusual phenomena (although this has died down in recent years) and forensics.
13. To all non-furs: We let you live how you want, let us live how we want. If you're thinking of joining the fandom then good for you! Just make sure you don't get involved in the wrong groups...


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