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Interview with Shirik Draguinea

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Hi, Noodles Husky here, you might remember me from the fur fandom, well this is my first time interviewing a lucky furry on IMVU. You can call me freelance, crazy, cute, faggy, I don't really care what the chaff (or chav) says and I'm not good at introductions, so, here it is, the interview!

Shirik Draguinea is a moderator and ex-organiser of the WelshFur furmeets and events.

Noodles: To start, how did you find this crazy fandom?

Shirik: Well, a lot of it had to do with when I was growing up. I used to watch shows like Sonic SatAM, Road Rovers and Dog City - I also loved the Farthing Wood series. I stayed in some of those fandom's while growing up and as soon as I got the internet installed I started doing searches for things to do with them out of boredom. I ended up getting directed to the Yerf website and LOVED the artwork I saw there. So, I got hooked and looked around more only to find there was a mailing list for welsh furry fans - I joined and it all started from there.

Noodles: Okay, next question, how long have you been in the fandom?

Shirik: I don't have an exact date for when I joined - I've always been a furry fan but didn't know what furry was exactly till I was around 13/14 so I would say coming up to 10 years now.

Noodles: That's pretty long, so tell us, how many conventions have you been to?

Shirik: Well, to date I've only been to two conventions (Eurofurence 13 and Red Blue and White 2007) but I have two more planned for this year. So I'll be attending Eurofurence 14 and Red Blue and White 2008 :)

Noodles: You read my mind there!

Shirik: LOL!

Noodles: Are you thinking of going to the US of A?

Shirik: I've always wanted to head over to one of the US conventions but I don't think I'll be able to afford the costs for a little while yet. We'll see in the next few years!

Noodles: You own a fursuit, share to our readers your first time in one.

Shirik: Oh it was surreal! I'd just come from work to be greeted by a giant cardboard box which I just HAD TO rip open the second I got up to my bedroom. Finally seeing her in the flesh was a wonderful experience! Putting her on though it took me a moment to get it comfortable and I went to take a look in the mirror - that was when it felt really surreal to me, looking at yourself in the mirror to see a completely different creature looking back at you in a VERY strange experience indeed!

Noodles: Do you feel like getting another one in the future?

Shirik: Oh I already have one! ;) I'm waiting on a few small items to be completed before HE is unveiled though. I do plan on getting another one done next year as well - I'm obsessed!

Noodles: Have you ever had any artwork of your fursona?

Shirik: I have had a fair bit of artwork of my fursona over the years, some of it commissioned, others gifts or trades. In fact, there's more art of her by other people than there is by me!

Noodles: To wrap it all up into a fuzzy little pile, any words of advice to TeH NooB furs?

Shirik: I would have to say, one of the best things I've learnt through the fandom is to be open minded - people have different interests and the such and it shouldn't be expected that because you're both furs you will be lifelong buddies forever (it's like Paris Hilton and Ozzy Osborne skipping hand and hand through a field full of daisies - ain't happening ;)). Also - ignore the haters! Be proud of what you enjoy and don't let anyone else stop you! End of the day, this fandom is about FUN - don't let anyone else spoil it for you :)

Noodles: That... was... beautiful :')

Shirik: Thank you, I do try ^^

Noodles: Well, thank you for being a great interview-y type person!

Shirik: You're very welcome; I hope I made sense with my ramblings.

Noodles: Let's go get some luncheon!

Shirik: YAY!


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