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Mediaphile for January-March 2008

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A whole bunch of media links from this quarter!

  • My Confined Space: Furries - Internet Danger.
  • New York Post: The rise and rise of illegal fursuiting in New York.
  • PulsTV: Some familiar UK faces to be found on the Austrian culture show "Metro".
  • Jerry Springer: Acting and exploitation for profit, most likely staged fight between furry lovers.
  • Japan: Gotta love the Japanese!
  • Seattle Weekly: Biased reporters sure know how to kill a party. At least the comments are fun to read.
  • France: First they make orange juice furotic... now they've done it with sugar!
  • WIRED: Anonymous causing havoc in Second Life; fun comparisons to terrorists included.
  • GOOD Magazine: The business of death... with extra fur.
  • Student Life: The title "plushophilia and sex" would make you think it was a bad article, it's not... until they mention babyfurs and loathing ex-girlfriends...
  • Jeep: Wolves just LOVE singing about the new Jeep Liberty! In fact, so do squirrels... and birds too!
  • High School: An American furry and the perils of high school life.
  • Comics: Yup! We're invading the DC and Marvel universes now!
  • New York Daily News: Hamas Rabbit sez: "I will eat the Jews!"
  • z0r: Fans of fursuits, dancing and techno will be having a field day on this!
  • Legacy Magazine: Another college paper here, covering furries in it's special edition on sex lives!
  • blond: The headline means "One cannot understand this." the rest is up to you to translate!
  • City on a Hill Press: Largely positive reporting about the University of California and Santa Cruz Furries and Allies group.
  • Five: Furries on Channel Five's coverage on paedophiles in Second Life.
  • ComicMix: Mark Evanier on comics, work and Anthrocon.
  • Miami New Times: A nice man called Eddy dresses as a rabbit to teach people the meaning of happiness.
  • Edmonton Journal: Reporter is mentally scarred for life, but still makes point that furries aren't all about sex.
  • Arte: We covered French/German channel ArteTV in the last edition, and now you can download it - complete with subtitles - from BBF Television!
  • Frontier Airlines: Apparently all their aircraft have the minds of talking animals! Isn't that fun!


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