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Last known wild tigers estimated to last only 12 years

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According to the Associated Press, the World Wildlife Fund estimates no tigers will survive in the wild by 2022 – ironically, the next Chinese Zodiac year of the tiger.

The WWF estimates there are currently only approximately 3,200 tigers alive in the wild, compared to nearly 100,000 a century ago. Three tiger subspecies, the Bali, Javan, and Caspian, are already extinct.

The main reasons for the decline in wild tiger populations are poaching and habitat loss. The 2022 date is only for wild tigers; there are currently more tigers estimated to live in U.S. zoos than in their native, wild habitat.

The WWF currently has the program Save Tigers Now, which has the goal of doubling the number wild tigers in 2022.

Among furries, tigers are ranked sixth as the most popular phenotype according to both WikiFur and Pounced estimates.


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Yet another species wiped out thanks to Mankind.


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Not yet. There are still plenty of tiger farms. :-p

Apparently some stars also feel strongly about the issue, and are willing to help fund conservation.

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Oh my god.

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