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Don Bluth's Dragon Lair Film

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Ran across this tonight after a long night of rebuilding a network. I'd heard about the game but I had not heard about a feature film before.

I sometimes wonder if Mr Bluth has more lives than a cat but considering its Dragon's Lair, I'll hope for the best. After all, the last time Bluth was truly out on his own he somehow managed to come up with Secret of NIMH.

For full info head over to Ain't It Cool News:

Micah's Note: Please, anything but another Thumbelina....


Your rating: None Average: 5 (1 vote)

A friend of mine was at the Classic Gaming Expo last weekend & saw Bluth's presentation of Dragon's Lair storyboards. He said that Bluth, though looking frighteningly gaunt and frail, is very jazzed about this project, and says that this is the first time since "NIMH" and the original Dragon's Lair game that he and his original collaborators (Gary Goldman, John Pomeroy, and Rick Dyer) are working together again. Bluth also showed off a beta of "Dragon's Lair 3D", the new game, which supposedly looks much like the original but lets you travel in any direction you like.

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