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Video: Furries – an inside look

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Videographer Curt Pehrson gives an overview of the fandom with help from niteskunk, based largely on interviews from seven furs at Midwest FurFest 2010. [poizencat/fursuitlounge]

Read on for some highlighted quotes.

LeoAngelo notes the appealing nature of a fandom where you have the freedom to be yourself:

Most furries that you'll meet will probably be the nicest people that you will ever meet anywhere. [...] It's very supportive and I've never really experienced that kind of thing anywhere else other than here. [...] It's a really good place to be yourself, whatever that might be.

Kage describes the origin of his character:

I bought 'Peterson's Field Guide to North American Wildlife' and I'm leafing through it, trying to get inspiration. [...] I noticed out of the corner of my eye a shadow, and this enormous, monstrous, greasy, black Asian cockroach came scuttling up the side of my computer monitor. [...] this thing just turned and reared up at me, and my fear gave way to some strange admiration - 'That is some ballsy little roach!'

Smash talks about the depth of integration between furry fandom and your life:

It kinda became family – because wherever I went, there they were. [...] I live with furries, I'm around them all the time, I work with furries, the company I work for hosts furry websites – it's the whole life, it's not something I could just separate anymore. [...] I feel a lot more connected with my furry family than I do with my biological family, because I'm around the furries a lot more.

2 defines the difference between himself and his stage persona:

I use a tiny wedge of my personality, and 2 is kinda trapped in that little wedge – a very unreasonable, extremely loud and usually irate part of me [...] I leave better judgment out of 2's range of personality, so he winds up saying a lot of things that a lot of people wish they could say.

Daisuke gives wise words on how to deal with jerks:

People are nice, they actually understand, they're actually open-minded – you get the occasional asshole, but it happens. You just gotta learn to ignore them, and move on.

Giza highlights a flaw in the media fascination with sex and furry fandom:

Human beings have sex – I don't know understand why the media is particularly interested in that aspect of furry, because we're just a slice of humanity as a whole. If they're going to be asking questions, they should really be asking "why are human beings having sex?" – but that probably isn't going to sell as many issues.

Thibby reflects on how the mistakes of the past can become part of your character:

Whats funny though is the way I designed him was a mistake – back then I had a really old computer with a really old screen, and he started out as a sprite [...] so I took a Tails sprite, cut the tails off, re-colored him blue, made him look like a cat. The problem is, the screen looked like he was blue, but when I got my new computer I found I had been making him lavender, or periwinkle as a lot of people have been calling him, the whole time. And I didn't want to change that, I didn't want to change my image [...] so he's been kind of purplish the whole time.


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It's scary how many fursuits I can recognize and name just from their legs down. (I swear that's not where I'm looking most of the time!)

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That something the political right wing and furry fandom have in common the anger towards the main media.

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Very cool!

-The Gneech

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Thanks for the review, and the coverage! :)
The documentary is going over very well so far. If it really takes off, I may make a followup.

~ Curt

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That'd be awesome, thank you for portraying us in a good light. One of our big sites recently got hacked so the last thing we need is another disaster such as CSI xD

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So bias is OK so long as it suits your personal interpretation? Don't hope for being portrayed in a GOOD light, but an HONEST one, whatever that may be.

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Furries make a lot of talk about being yourself, no matter what anyone thinks. Why, in that case, are so many of you concerned about how the outside world views your exploits with fursuits and anthro art? Why do you have to put the pussy on the pedestal and act like it's something so special and unique? If you don't want people to think you're weird, stop fretting over how the media makes your gatherings and activities look and stop calling your personal interest/fetish/tastes/whatever a cherished lifestyle. Just have fun with it, like any other fan.

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They are right about the media twisting stuff,just look at the national news at times. I feel the media feels it's if it bleeds it leads,like every plane that flies successfully without crashing,you won't hear news about it,but a plane that crashes,you'll hear news about it.

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Well, that's because a plane crashing is unusual. Most people aren't that interested in hearing about all the planes that land, unless it's their plane. Unfortunately it gives the impression that unusual things are more common than they actually are.

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Especially since devistating car accidents happen every day in every geographical area, and they are not covered by the news as often.

It's bad for the economy if you scare the people into not driving.

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very well put together! *applause*

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I approve wholeheartedly. This documentary helps to portray us as we really are.

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Very good documentary, it's answered many questions to a new furry such as myself, I'm very new to the fandom, and am very happy that I decided to become one because of many of the reasons in this vid. I approve of this vid, very good depiction.

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Hmm, it's a good article, but I was suprised by the lack of mention of confusion with therianthropy (for those familiar with it). The two are very often mixed up, and I know most therians don't mind furries, but there are furries who disprove of us therians. Still, its a nice, postive article, although it does give the impression that most furries are computer/video game (e.t.c.) nerds in general. XD

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Oh. My. God. I love this so much. I'm so happy someone finally got a look at who we are.. I hate the trolls. But I still hope you plan to do more on this.

Also not to be random, but I'd love to get to know some fellow furs. I'm on DA and FA aka Riokeshen on FA and Tengoku-Shadows on DA. Hope to get to know some of you. 8D

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"You cannot sling a dead cat without hitting a fox in this fandom..." Lol Kage...

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Video's been removed...

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Fraudulent DMCA takedown request, apparently. It should come back in a week or so.

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This is actually a decent piece of work.

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Wai-... where are the females??

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In the Alley . . . where they belong! >:-|

Seriously though, they probably had something better/smarter to do than talk with an unknown filmographer who might make themselves and their friends look bad. This one turned out fine, but they couldn't have known that at the time.

From the comments, Curt had an interview lined up with a "prominent female fursuiter", but it fell through at the 11th hour.

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