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Furries aren't the only ones who risk public scorn...

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From NPR's Morning Edition. From this, we learn two things: 1) society often reacts badly to nonconformity, and 2) don't wear your fursuit in the streets of Almaty. :)

"Host Alex Chadwick talks to a Central Asian human rights monitor about the Kazahkstan government's arrest of people with "bohemian" lifestyles. That includes those who dress up like Hobbits, the gnome-like creatures from the J.R.R. Tolkien fantasy books. The interviewee is Saule Muthametrakhimova, an editor for the London-based Institute for War and Peace Reporting."


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this would seem to bear out once again my heartfelt and deep seated belief that there is no force more harmful or destructive in all of existence then the aggressiveness of gratuitous conventionality. (and my wish to live in a world that was 32% agnostic, 24% daoist, 19%baha'i with christianity and islam shairing the last 0.1% and everything else immaginable (and unimmaginable) somewhere in between ... and no i'm not saying that to be down on ANYone's beliefs (all spirituality is - or can be - a very good thing - but ...). there's nothing wrong with having defaults that provide a kind of continuity with ancestors tens of thousands of years ago and likewise decendents into the future - it's just that when assumptions based upon them are prioritized ahead of the real effects of real policies on real people, places and things the resualt is invariably tyranny by any other name ... ~;)

stay well and keep doing the wonderful things that you do ... ~;)

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At times I get imposter syndrome but then I look at 2001 articles and I go...

Nah, I think I'm doing better than I think...

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