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'White tiger' puts police on alert in southern England

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Residents of the village of Hedge End, in southern England, called police after spotting a white tiger in a field near a local golf course. Armed officers and a police helicopter responded, along with staff from nearby Marwell Zoo.

As the police on the ground approached the tiger, they saw that it was not moving, and themal imaging equipment in the helicopter showed no body heat. At that point, the downdraft from the 'copter caused the tiger to roll over, and police realised they were stalking a life-size plush toy.

Police later commented, "It is being treated as lost property but we don't know how it came to be in the field and whether it may have been a hoax."


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I imagine whoever tries to claim that from lost property will have some explaining to do.

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was it stalking plush mice?

~ The Legendary RingtailedFox

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There are innocent people in the UK who've been seriously wounded, even killed, as a result of over-zealous armed policemen making misidentifications. That tiger's lucky it isn't riddled with bullet holes.

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What are you doing here?


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The Internet trolls are expanding...

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