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Honeybees show emotions of pessimism, maybe happiness

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Your rating: None Average: 3 (12 votes) reports researchers at Newcastle University are studying honeybees to determine whether they exhibit human-like emotions. They are known to act pessimistic in some situations (as do rats, dogs and starlings). Next the researchers will test for the emotion of happiness.


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Don't worry, Bee happy!

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The fact that pessimism is, apparently, easier to find in animals than happiness makes me feel ... well, pessimistic, actually.

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>implying animals express emotions in the exact same way as us
Oh, Cracked, never change!

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If you're going to post something as an article at least take the time to explain what's happening. How are they testing? Why are they testing? Etc. If it's just a link it's easier to use the shoutbox.

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Bees must be pessimistic because I dislike them! Stinging pieces of crap! At least they contribute something to society, unlike those dumb wasps and their pain-causing ways. :P

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Neither of them bite me :|

And, in a way, we contribute nothing to this planet as well.

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thanks for the comment :3

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Wonder how they're torturing animals for useless "common sense" facts this time...

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They are using... the comfy chair!

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Aside from the following ^^^ Honeybees are disappearing and if they suddenly vanish what is that to say for crop failures and food shortages. "They are bred commercially for their abilities to produce honey and pollinate crops."

So try not to hate them for a simple sting :l

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