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RainFurrest 2011 newsletter, volume three

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This Rainfurrest 2011 newsletter covers upcoming staff meetings; the closure of pre-registration on September 7; notice of available hotel rooms in the Clarion; website updates (including the current events grid); art jam, art show and artist alley announcements; information on the campfire sing-along and a notice of cancellation for the Guinness Book of Records attempt.

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RainFurrest Staff Meetings!

RainFurrest still needs you!

Would you like to be a part of one of the top furry conventions in the world? We're still looking for dedicated staff to help us in hosting what our attendees continue to call "the best furry convention in the world!"

No matter if you just want to work a few hours during the convention, or you'd like to get involved in the behind the scenes of the convention year round, or even just want to contribute your ideas!, we have room for you on our ever growing team!

The best way to get involved is to come to one of our meetings, so below is our meeting schedule for the rest of 2011.

August 27th 1:00PM - At Round Table Pizza in Redmond, WA
September 10th 1:00PM - At The Hotel
September 17th 10:00AM - At The Hotel

And if you can't make the meetings, or simply have questions, please email us at!

Pre Registration Closes!

Pre registration for Rainfurrest 2011 closes on September 7th at midnight. After this date, you will no longer be able to pre register for the convention at the preregistration price. In addition, payment for any unpaid items or memberships must arrive by September 16th, or those items or memberships will be lost.

Website Update.

We recently posted a TON of information about this year events, including a Menu for the Guest of Honor dinner, Artist Alley Rules, a Transport and Travel Guide, and much much more, please visit our webpage at for more.

Guinness Book of Records Attempt

Just a note folks, we recently decided to cancel this years attempt at a Guinness World Record, However the more we looked into the requirements, the more we realized we just couldn't meet them this year. We will try again in a future year.


The Hilton is still sold out, however we have plenty of room at the Clarion. If you need to cancel your room. Please email our hotel person, Gene, at and we will cancel it for you. This way, RainFurrest can make them available to others.

Events Grid Online!

RainFurrest has published our events grid to our website, while it's not complete yet as we are pushing changes out daily to see the schedule, visit

Variety Show

The Rainfurrrest Variety Show is your chance to take the stage and entertain your fellow furs at our annual event on the main stage. Fursuit performances, comedy, musical acts, magic ... Bring it! Please keep your act tasteful for an evening open audience, equivalent to a PG 13 film rating level or milder, and under six minutes.

There will be a mandatory audition rehearsal on Saturday at 9:30 AM in which we will review your act, costumes, and sound files, order the acts for performance, and work with you to make the most of your act on the RF stage. This will be your chance to smooth out any difficulties, find your blocking marks on the stage, and learn our backstage procedures.

If you don't want to perform, but would like to help out as a stage hand, fursuit handler, or greeter/usher, we'd love to hear from you as well.

For more information on how to sign up, email or visit ConOps before the rehearsal to sign up.

Art Show and Art Jam Announcement

For those folks participating in Art Jam, If you draw some art you want to display, RainFurrest will be providing two Art Show panels to Art Jam for people to display their work on. It's a great way to get your name out there, and your art displayed if you have not participated in an artshow before! The pieces must be displayed NFS (Not for Sale) and participation is limited to those who are participating in Art Jam.

For those who simply wish to have their own panels in Art Show, you are in luck! We still have panels available for sale! Only for the low price of $15. For more details or how to sign up, please visit for more information.

Campfire Sing Along

RainFurrest's theme this year is Summer Camp, and what would summer camp be without a campfire? Join us around the fire pit near the pool on Thursday night. Bring your guitar, drums, banjo and harmonica and let's sing to the high September moon! For the songwriters among us, this is a great time to showcase your talents, and share some of the songs you have written! Camp counselor Bob will be there with some song books to help the rest of us along! Please visit our events page for more information.

Artists Alley

It's official! RainFurrest will be having an artist alley for campers this year! We have now posted full rules online for our Artist Alley. Please visit for more information!

For general questions, or to report errors with the newsletter, please email


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