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'An Anthropomorphic Century'; Fred Patten's new s-f/furry anthology

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An Anthropomorphic Century; Stories from 1909 to 2008, edited by Fred Patten and published by FurPlanet Productions, is scheduled for release at the RainFurrest 2015 convention, in Seattle, Washington, on September 24-27, 2015. It will be on sale through the online FurPlanet catalog thereafter.

An Anthropomorphic Century contains 20 short stories and novelettes published from 1909 to 2008, mostly in the s-f magazines and books of the latter 20th century and the beginning of the 21st century.


  • "Tobermory", by Saki (1909).
  • "Dr. Lu-mie", by Clifton B. Kruse (1934).
  • "The Blue Giraffe", by L. Sprague de Camp (1939).
  • "Barney", by Will Stanton (1951).
  • "Expendable", by Philip K. Dick (1953).
  • "The Conspirators", by James White (1954).
  • "Sic Transit…? A Shaggy Hairless-Dog Story", by Steven Utley & Howard Waldrop (1976).
  • "Crow’s Curse", by Michael H. Payne (1991).
  • "Nine Lives to Live", by Sharyn McCrumb (1992).
  • "Vole", by John Gregory Betancourt (1994).
  • "Choice Cuts", by Edd Vick (1997).
  • "Transmutational Transcontinental", by Phil Geusz (1997).
  • "Daylight Fading", by Chris Hoekstra (2000) – illustrated by Dark Natasha.
  • "The Good Sport", by Bill Kieffer (2001).
  • "The Dog Said Bow-Wow", by Michael Swanwick (2001).
  • "Cat ‘n’ Mouse", by Steven Millhauser (2004).
  • "Pig Paradise", by Scott Bradfield (2004).
  • "Sergeant Chip", by Bradley Denton (2004).
  • "Gordon, the Self-Made Cat", by Peter S. Beagle (2005).
  • "The Wishing Tree", by Renee Carter Hall (2008).

Price: $19.95. 321 pages. Cover by Mark Brill.


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