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Uncle Kage's Feral! report

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I had a BLAST!

It was the most delightful experience. I am *definitely* going back next year.

There were some interesting similarities between Anthrocon and FERAL!

ANTHROCON: Climbing stairs to get to rooms
FERAL!: Climbing steep hills to get to cabins

ANTHROCON: Long wait in registration
FERAL!: Long ride on bus

ANTHROCON: Philadelphia tap water
FERAL!: Lake Nestea

ANTHROCON: Lack of towels made showering difficult
FERAL!: Lack of hot water made showering difficult.

FERAL!: Mosquitos.

The camaraderie was unequalled. Just about everyone got to know everybody else, starting with the Great Communal Bus Ride and continuing through the many gatherings they had, through the communal meals (which could have offered a tiny bit more fare, but that's a minor nitpick), to the Cabin Games and Cabin Skits.

I took part in a game of "Predator and Prey" which was so much fun I almost missed the call to return at its end. This year a little twist got thrown in, in that Rogue (the megawolf) showed up and ate everyone who came near him, including the human antagonists in the game. :)

There were workshops for just about everyone, water sports (in the lake, of course), canoes to paddle around in...I had brought things to read and writing to work on but never picked any of it up.

My hat is off to the FERAL! staff for a job well done. I don't think that wild horses could keep me from returning in 2002.


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I think the coomunal bus ride is a great way for everyone to start to get to know each other. The continued communal feel is what it's all about.

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This was actually spam, but I've left the text in the spirit of XKCD.

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