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TALL TAILS back on its own

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I just wanted to give everyone the heads up on TALL TAILS being solicited in Diamond's Previews this month. The series will still appear in Furrlough until #109 but in November TALL TAILS #5 and the Collected TALL TAILS Vol. 1 (with #1 - 4) will be released from Dream Weaver Press.

TALL TAILS is a fantasy adventure comic in the spirit of Elfquest and Lord of the Rings featuring funny-animal characters instead of humans. Although it has seen a successful run in Furrlough, the story is just to big to appear in 4-8 page segments. TALL TAILS will return to its own full length comic starting in November and will follow a bi-monthly schedule.

For more information please visit DREAM WEAVER PRESS and start bothering your comic book shop to carry it! There is even a flyer on the website to print out to help spread the word. There's not enough of these types of comics to go around and we all need all the help we can get!


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