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Furry comic anthology 'Furrlough' returns to comic shops and original publisher

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Furrlough is an anthology series specializing in anthropomorphic comics. It has returned to its original publisher, Antarctic Press, with Furrlough #194 in shops on April 24, 2024. PreviewsWorld search says #194 "may be available now at comic shops or can be ordered quickly for you if not in stock." The order code for #194 is JAN241389.

Furrlough #194 cover

The publisher's page for #194 says, in part:

Cover artist "Holly Daughtrey"/"... COMICS' LONGEST-RUNNING ANTHRO­POMORPHIC TITLE! ...

"Blinth" (Jason Dubes, Noel Serrato): The fallen angels have rebelled and now look to their lord Lucifer for guidance. However, the cat goddess Bast and the dark lord Anubis withhold information from their leader, something that will give rise to a potential new deity.

"The Chosen One" (Charles Brubaker): Fox boy Dewey DeSmall is tasked by an ostrich to save the day from a great danger. But what can a small librarian's assistant do?"

The only future issue listed at distributor Diamond's website is Furrlough #195 (with order code APR241265) with an in-shops date of June 26, 2024. Since it won't ship for a month, your local comic shop should hopefully be able to do a late pre-order.

Diamond's website has a page for the Furrlough series, which had a monthly publication schedule from 1993 to 2008. It was published by Radio Comix starting April 1997.

The previous issue, apparently Furrlough #193 (not listed at distributor Diamond), was released circa early 2014: Wayback Machine archive of says Furrlough #193 "added to our catalog on ... 10 February 2014." (with Amazon having publication date of 31 December 2013) and GoCollect saying "Publication Date"/"Jan 29, 2014"

The first indication (that I can find) of the switch back to Antarctic Press is this tweet linking to the Furrlough submissions guidelines.


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Good to see it come back, but: a bell - in space? Nobody can hear it ring... would want something warm on those paws and the tail, too. At least their fur isn't too long to manage in zero-g, unlike the next issue.

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They're suffering from what made people drop interest in the first place: no good artists participating. The internet made it possible for the actual talent to make money doing commissions, and Furrlough and Genus became "funny books" instead of anthologies of talented artists. I LOVED Furrlough. I'm not buying this, not even out of nostalgia. Looks like Marvel's bait and switch schtick: good cover art, bad interior artists.

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