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Welcoming Back An Old Friend…

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Back in 1997, Antarctic Press decided to move away from funny animal comics (a move which brought about the birth of Radio Comix) and instead concentrate on “American Manga”. Well now, to celebrate their 30th anniversary Antarctic are back in the furry herd with a new full-color one-shot called Furry Tails. “As a special event for our 30th-anniversary year, Antarctic Press is going back to one of its (hairy) roots-anthropomorphic comics! Includes work from Sonic the Hedgehog artist David Hutchison, plus an all-new, all-furry fun-fest from Fred Perry! Fast and Furriest: When the world order makes every aspect of life miserable for the poor multitudes, Turbo Ninjas take to the highways to rob from the rich and give to the poor!” Check it out over at Bleeding Cool.

Image c. 2015 Antarctic Press

Image c. 2015 Antarctic Press


Your rating: None Average: 4.5 (2 votes)

Hairy? Well, technically, I guess… but I can't imagine their usual fare is much less risky.

Their website seems like it's overloaded, too. They should probably get a database connection pooler.

Also, that's a real nice car. They could sell it and give that money to the poor. Unless they stole it.

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