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'True Life' still keen to film furs, but Brits want therians

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MTV's True LifeSince we last covered MTV's True Life, the show has taken footage of several furs, but is seeking more. From an email:

This is a docu-series to chronicle the real life of a Furry. We have no intention of showing Furries in a negative light but instead hope to dispel some of the media myths out there about them.

The renewed casting call was recieved with scepticism on the furrymedia LJ community.

Meanwhile, UK-based Zig Zag Productions (whose shows are often "factual entertainment") hopes to contact a more rarified group – therians and otherkin. According to associate producer Farrah Jaufuraully, who is also looking for virgins (no, really):

I know there is a huge mistrust of the media but I'm not setting out to poke fun at anyone - we intend to make a programme that just explains what its like to feel like you were born into the wrong species (much like a transgendered person feels they are in the wrong body!) and the misunderstandings that come up in daily life and at work. It would be down to each individual telling their story to ensure they are not misrepresented as seems to be the fear of any Otherkin whenever TV is mentioned. [...] All I need right now is to have a chat over the phone with British Otherkin who'd be happy to talk about their way of life.

MTV's call is, as before, directed primarily towards younger furs, preferably those who are fursuiters or face "adversity" as a fur:

MTV and Emmy award-winning producers are now CASTING NATIONWIDE for FURRIES for our new documentary-style series, "TRUE LIFE: I'M A FURRY!" This show is a real "slice-of life" inside look into a misunderstood world. We want to show the positive aspects of the lifestyle (fursuiting, going to conventions, making friends, finding your own style, etc.) as well as the adversity you face. This straight-forward documentary-style show will let you educate our viewers and TELL THE WORLD YOUR OWN TRUE STORY!

• Do you dress up in a Fur Suit and have a Fursona?
• Did you go Fursuiting or meet-up with others?
• Are you tired of people treating you differently because you're a Furry?
• Do you wish everyone would finally understand what being Furry is really about?

Whether your friends and family know about your Fursona, this is your opportunity to show the world what being a Furry really means.

If you are between the ages of 16 and 25 and want to be part of this exciting opportunity, email us at

Please include:
• Your name
• Contact number and email
• City/State you live in
• Photo
• A paragraph about you and your Fursona!

The show appears to be being produced by Asylum Entertainment, which has been trying to put it together for almost a year.


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Now if they are looking for furries that are virgins then I guess they came to the right place... but no, I'm not going to pop my media cherry on them.

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Gee, I wonder if there going to cause a fear and hate to that one side like that Taboo show? -_-

They might try to not claim all Furries are like this and that (Other) this time (Although I haven't watched the other ones but I hear something about it.), but I hope they don't act all fear and hating of this one side if they talk about it.

But heh, I'm not really looking forward to this next show... :/ Don't know when this comes out ether.

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Oh man, call me an old bitter geezer, but I get the giggles when ever stuff like this pops up. Here's to another great freak show made possible by the desperate and the bored.

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I appreciate the media's sudden interest in Furries again, but we've already had a bombout with Tyra (Thanks to Chewfox) and we've FINALLY had a decent view of Furry Lifestylers (Thanks to Alkane and Nuka's group). Why do we need more media on us?

Seriously, I don't see how being a fursuiting, lifestyling Furry makes a gotdamn difference from the rest of us. So, if our family doesn't know of our hidden life, we're going to be outted on Television? Oh yeah that's lovely.

Drama, drama drama.

Even if they do have actual pure intentions, it might just end up something like the segment from "Check it out with Dr. Steve Brule". I hope that they get decent furs to do it. I'm hardly a virgin in the fandom, been around since '02, but I just hope our yiffart doesn't become a topic.

And I pray they get some of the normal furs on here x.x

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First of all, you realize, at the moment, you are part of the media. And so is every furry who has ever contributed to a blog, artsite, or otherwise. If you contribute writing, art, photography, whatever to the public, you are the media.

Second of all, the reason we need non-furry media exposure is because a bunch of furries quacking quietly on the Internet pretending like existing is an accomplishment in and of itself when we are contributing absolutely nothing to popular culture at large is really sad. Seriously, after thirty years in this fandom, the highlight of mainstream penetration for us is we maybe caused CSI to jump the shark back when it was still actually popular. That's about it. And you may enjoy being a negative space and all, but some of us would like a little respect, and public exposure is the only way to get that.

Third of all, if you are too ashamed to tell your family about something, then you are doing something wrong. Maybe you should stop doing that thing.

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First of all, when I said media, I meant BIG media. Sure I may be an artist in the community, but my art hasn't seen past a few hundreds of people offline. Online, I've might've catered to thousands of furs.
My itty bitty artwork doesn't impact a massive audience like talk shows and documentaries do.

Second, I'm not saying that we shouldn't do it. I'm just saying it should be done with maximum precaution because we're JUST getting over the ChewFox incident and we had a minor hiccup with the Steve Brule shitcom. I'm not being negative, if you think I'm being negative, that's on you. I know a lot of furs who are up in at arms about this because they know how MTV is, how they've re-recorded fights and reconstracted a lot of passed events just because it was juicy and drama filled. All I'm saying is that if they want a furry, just make sure it's someone on the lighter side of the spectrum because Furries ARE the bunt of the jokes for everyone. Hell, we're on the bottom of the social chain right now and we're JUST starting to move back up.

Lastly, I'm NOT afraid of my parents about me being furry NOR am I ashamed of being one! I choose to not tell my family because it's not a big deal to me. It does not define who I am. That's like having to come out to my friends about me being part Black or being right handed or being brown haired. It's ridiculous in my case. How dare you assume I'm ashamed of being who I am, you don't even know me and know what I've been through.

There's a lot to deal with for a 16 - 18 year old who possibly has NOT told their folks about being furry. For some families, it's as bad as being homosexual. People fear what they don't understand, known fact, and the furry community is no exception. It'd be nice to have a fur who is not extreme (not into weird, abnormal fetishes IF you want to bring that up) in the fandom and willing to do their part for the community.

But I see you like to be quick to judge and make ridiculous accusations about people, so I guess I cannot expect you to think like I do.

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I'm sorry, neither the Chewfox incident nor the Steve Brule thing were anything at all. I mean, the Vanity Fair article came out a couple of months before 9/11, and America recovered from that much quicker than furry fandom. The Chewfox thing showed an engaged couple admitting they *gasp* had sex before they were married and, if you actually pay attention to the audience reaction, being cheered for this.

Being furry is nothing like being gay or black or, you know what, thanks for living up to that stereotype, Jesus Christ, you're a crazy.

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Oh it wasn't? Tell that to a few of my furiends who lost their volunteer jobs, lost their respect with non-furs/family/co-workers, and lost a lot of funding JUST because of Chew Fox's segment. I don't believe that for one minute that the Chew Fox Incident did NOT have an impact. Please, you can talk to any fur and they'd tell you how they feel about that incident and why furs should stay out of Big Media.

ChewFox openly said that ALL furries have sex in fursuits! You think that's nothing? You honestly think that people were not effected by that? If it wasn't such a big deal, she should've never been banned from FurAffinity. If it wasn't such a big deal, she would've never been the reason why fA crashed 3 times due to comments flooding her page and journal. If it wasn't such a big deal then she wouldn't have made a low blow t-shirt about it and had the nerve to show it off at Anthrocon and pass Dragoneer with it on.

And actually, if you did your research, it is. It's handled the same way. May be back in the day it wasn't, but now a days it is. You can say what you like about me, but you're the only who's making an ass of themselves.

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Dodger's right. Chewfox did mess things up pretty bad. And if anyone was to be called a stereotypical furry then she is definitely one of them. She said some good truth but also said some wrong things to the wrong crowd. And in this society saying that all furries have sex in fur suits won't go over very well with the public especially if they already have the wrong ideas from the start.
I believe everyone have their own reason for being part of the furry fandom whether it's wanting to be part of a group or community, the art, friendship, identity, or just for fun and to goof around. What most likely needs to be changed is the so called typical furry behavior. As a general example, saying or doing the wrong thing at the wrong time at the wrong place. It takes one person to ruin a bunch of peoples lives or a fandom's reputation(like the spread of poison or disease). If they knew what was clearly right and wrong then the furs that have their-selves together wouldn't be thrown in the same group as the typical or stereotypical furs.
We can say it's not fair. But then that's what dear 'ol Dodger's explaining.

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Actually if you go back to the actual episode Chewfox never said all furries have sex in fursuits. Tyra Banks did, three times, before Chewfox even said a word.

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For someone who is supposed to be over 30, you sure look 26. Do tell how that is possible. :)

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I got really confused there for a minute.

Seriously, after thirty years in this fandom

I meant the fandom was over 30, not me. That's just bad writing. Unfortunately, I write like a ranting douche when I, you know, write like a ranting douche. Sorry for the confusion. My bad.

Bad time, actually, for me to pick a fight, so move along. Nothing to see here people. That I want you to see, anyway.

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Nothing personal but you really have an obsession with being a furry fan meaning something and being a big deal. I read enough here to see this trend. I'm sorry dude you feel guilt about your hobby because you think it hasn't made you an astronaut or rich or something.

But this is as dumb as model railroaders ranting and raving that they demand respect and the world's attention right now to prove their life has meaning because they like to build and operate model trains.

In the words of a smarter man than I, we are here on Earth to fart around, and don't let anybody ever tell you different.

The guy above is right that stupid members of the furry fandom have just played into bored mass media looking for a freak of the week story and the average fan shouldn't have to pay for it. That doesn't mean the average fan should be going out trying to make furries a household word and 'respected' (by who, exactly?)

Lastly, what self serving bullshit to tell someone it's entirely their fault if they don't want shit from their family or people with power over them. While it is true that people should live their life as they see fit no matter what anyone thinks, just because someone has a family that won't respect them doesn't automatically mean what they're doing is 'wrong'. There is a grand and storied tradition of shitty people who make shitty parents repressing and manipulating their children, keeping them from doing what they want to do (and in some cases, would be better off doing). Plenty of people have learned the hard way they can't trust their families as far as they can throw 'em. Wanting to keep stuff that matters to you away from such people is the most natural thing in the world.

You act like you're trying to be the voice of reason and downplay controversy but your attitude is one that actually creates controversy and drama. Seriously, non sarcastic, stop making yourself a victim with something to prove. Life will be better.

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I'm not apologizing for wanting to make an impact on the world.

The "smarter man than you" sounds like a lazy ass fuck. (I hope it was your dad.)

What the hell does that make you?

Also; Jesus Christ, Dodger's got a posse. Fucked with the wrong mo-fo, I guess.

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Sweet merciful mother of holy crap, Furry is a lifestyle now? Like in the gender perjorative sense? Where the hell have I been living, under a rock? I mean I can understand the media's attraction to the fringe elements of what began as a simple fandom formed around anthropomorphic works, but to find that others have taken it to a level where it involves not only the sense of self but the id, ego, and superego as well is . . . something less of a shock. Truly, the internet has made us all strangers in a strange land. Grok this, I'm outta here.

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Are you that frozen caveman from that episode of South Park or something?

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Nice Robert Heinlein drop there. Ties in perfectly.

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