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Movie teaser: 'Wreck-It Ralph', Disney's next theatrical animated feature, due for November 2 release

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Disney's next CGI animated feature, Wreck-It Ralph, coming November 2, is about a reluctant video-game villain who escapes from his game to become a Good Guy. Although most of the characters are realistic and cartoony humans, there are a lot of anthropomorphic animals and "things" as background and supporting characters. As with Pixar's Toy Story movies, Disney has licensed the rights to numerous real video-game characters, including many non-humans such as a Pac-Man ghost, to anthropomorphize and add them to the cast.

As usual, we can thank The Cartoon Brew for this trailer.


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For a similar premise in an animated short from a couple of years ago, Mauvais role is fun.

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OMG, they got Bowser!

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Wired magazine has an article on “Wreck-It Ralph”, describing Disney’s unveiling of the first trailer at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) on June 5-7, complete with a detailed mockup of the mythical 1980s “Fix-It Felix Jr.” video game that Wreck-It Ralph is the villain in. Wired describes the upcoming movie as, “basically the Who Framed Roger Rabbit? of classic videogames, packed with characters from Super Mario Bros., Street Fighter, Pac-Man and more.” The article includes five close-up photographs of the “fantastic prop: a non-working arcade cabinet clearly modeled on Nintendo’s design for Donkey Kong, recreating the fictional game Fix-It Felix Jr. featured in the movie,” plus the trailer.

Fred Patten

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September 12: Trailer #2 is out today. It still looks like fun, but less anthropomorphic.

Fred Patten

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October 11: Either trailer #3 or International trailer #1. This is for British release.

Fred Patten

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