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Video review: 'The Silver Circle', by Kyell Gold

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Isiah reviews The Silver Circle by Kyell Gold, after his recent interview.


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I am enjoying your reviews immensely. You do a very good job of conveying opinions in a clear and concise manner. That said, don't be angry for so long; it is kind of off putting. Also, the frequent cuts in this video are distracting.

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I don't get how a "Gay man" is expected to act the way as the protragonist as you described... nor how a "straight woman" would never act this way. Sexuality, in my experiences, has no correlation with personality or behavior in situations.

In fact, this story sounds eerily familiar to an IRL situation that I won't delve to into, but what occured sounds similar. There was a break up and the striaght woman trying to fill the void left in the wake made "a mistake". She hadn't posted online anything beyond that so neither shall I, but to me it just made the review seem off.

Now one could criticize that this character could have very easily been a gay man, however there is a reason they called being gay "effeminate" back in the day. The personality archetypes of the female variety were placed upon the male, so a criticism that a female is acting too much like a gay man in understanding the history of gay etymology as the word "effeminate" being used before homosexual was coined is just odd.

They are stereotypes probably, but if he had used those stereotypes in his gay stories as well then at least he's being stereotypical of straights and gays both I suppose.

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