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Furs to roam unleashed in Spain this November at Ibercamp

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Ibercamp mascotsDemand appears high for the first two-day furry event in Spain - Ibercamp, held in the mountains outside Salem, halfway between Valencia and Alicante. Food, drinks (including a few hours of open bar at the kareoke), and a bungalow spot are included in the €75 registration fee.

The event website contains a comic by RayFkm advising attendees to follow the 6-2-1 rule; although sleeping may not be hard after Sunday, which includes three hours of hiking. (Fortunately, the staff includes a person equipped in "chest-pounding" who is familiar with using the kiss of life, "even in situations where it is not particularly necessary".)

While it seems likely that most attendees will come from the Iberian Peninsula, organizer Alex Vixgeck reports registrations from regions as far afield as Basingstoke in the UK. Some wishing to attend may have to wait for 2013, though, as the 24 spaces filled up in 24 hours.


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