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Television: Is 'Las Cuevas' anthropomorphic? Who knows?

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Animation Xpress volume 10, #370 for October 3, 2012, headlines “MIPCOM ‘12 Special: Las Cuevas, a 52 x 13, 2D Animated Television Series by Ink Apache”, by Zeenia Boatwala.

Reading through the gushing press release, “Spain based Ink Apache” is “all set to pitch this series at MIPCOM JUNIOR in a few days from now. Directed by Antonio Morales, Las Cuevas [English: The Caves] is a buddy comedy about two young friends, Danny and Balti and amateur detectives living in the oddest and mysterious town of the world.” Las Cuevas is an animated “buddy dark thriller comedy targeting boys and girls aged between 9 -12 yr.”

Danny is a new kid in the town of Las Cuevas and has a fresh eye of a newcomer, wanting to know more about this town whereas Balti, who is born and raised in Las Cuevas is packed with full of local knowledge and the entire series is based on Danny and Balti encountering and solving mysteries.

Yeah, but is it anthropomorphic? Apparently not, but the press release does emphasize “SPINE-TINGLING CREEPINESS” and “paranormal” so much that there may be a few ghostly or enhanced beasties in it. Check out the bizarre promo art. There is a non-anthro dog.

Ink Apache may be based in Spain and this press release is filled with Spanish names such as head of development Javier Almazán, but Las Cuevas is being written by Dale Schott, a Canadian.

Las Cuevas will release in English as a prime language, but Ink Apache plans to deliver the series in French and Spanish Version too.

At present, Ink Apache is in talks with co-producing the series with Canadian, European and Koren [sic.] Animation companies.

So it’s all blue-sky right now. If Ink Apache can’t find a production partner, the world will never know whether Las Cuevas contains any anthro animals or not. Check out this promo art and decide for yourself whether this is a good thing or a bad thing.


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