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The Planet of the Cats' wedding from 'Tokusou Sentai DekaRanger' episode 1

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Is Planet Chanbeena in Galaxy #28 a planet of Christian anthro cats? Check out 0:58 to 1:31 minutes of this first episode of Tokusou Sentai DekaRanger. Watch further into it to see Doggy Krugger, the DekaRangers’ bright blue anthro wolf commander.

Special Investigation Squadron Detective Rangers was the 28th of Toei Ltd.’s Japanese “super sentai” live-action TV series that were strip-mined by Haim Saban for the American Mighty Morphin Power Rangers TV series. It ran for fifty episodes between February 15, 2004 and February 6, 2005.

Special Police DekaRanger! Five detectives who fight cool with burning hearts! Their mission: To combat space criminals who invade Earth. They will protect the peace and safety of all humanity!

When the Cartoon/Fantasy Organization was founded in 1977 to watch Japanese anime, we sampled a few episodes of Toei’s brand-new live-action Super Sentai (team) TV programs as well. We laughed our heads off at how over-the-top straight-faced ridiculous they were (Choo Choo Head, a villain with a steam locomotive head?), and stuck with the anime. But some anime fans kept track of the Super Sentai series as well, especially after Saban Entertainment began Americanizing episodes. DekaRanger had an unusually high number of brief scenes with anthro characters.


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