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Game video: 'Naughty Bear' sequel to be released in October

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Naughty Bear was a 2010 video game for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 consoles, in which the player controlled a psychopathic teddy bear named Naughty Bear. Having not been invited to a birthday party, the objective of the game was to have Naughty Bear punish the other teddies on Perfection Island, by going on a killing spree.

Now a sequel, Naughty Bear: Panic in Paradise, is to be released October 10 as a download for the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade. In Panic in Paradise, the teddy bears have left for Paradise Island, and left Naughty Bear behind. Thus slighted, Naughty Bear again seeks retribution by literally knocking the stuffing out of the other bears.


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I love Pegi's logic. As long as the stuff(ing) flying out of the people you're killing is white and not red you can rate it for teenagers (T) instead of Mature (M).

I mean seriously, after watching some of the ways some of these bears are killed this reminds me of Manhunt. If this game becomes popular enough amongst those "rebelliousness youth" I'm sure the rating board is going to be dealing with whiny parents.

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Reminds me of a fighting game that came out years ago (I'm thinking Super NES or one of the early Playstations) where originally you'd see red fly from your opponents but then it was changed to white to represent "sweat". Yeah... totally makes sense that the violence was acceptable after changing the color of the liquid flying off your beaten opponents :P

I pine for the days of Vandal Hearts and the grauitous sprays of blood.

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Cute idea but doesn't look too terribly interesting, weren't there a number of reviews that felt the same way about the first installment?

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The bit that got me was the consistently upbeat narrator. Yeah, let's start gang violence!

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