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CACE Update

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Jeff Novotny writes: "We're in that brief lull between Conifur and MFF, so I guess this is a
good time for an update on CACE (Canadian Anthro & Cartooning Expo).

Our web site is now up. Glide on over to to get
more details about our convention, including our guidelines for the art
show and art shoppe, as well as more information about the hotel and our
guests of honour. We'll be adding more details from time to time and
finalizing a few items, so please check back often."

Speaking of guests, CACE is proud to announce our special guests. Our
"Comic Artist Guest of Honour" is the very talented Shawntae Howard.
Shawntae is best known as the creator and artist of the popular
action-adventure series EXTINCTIONERS, and for his artwork in Carole
Curtis' KATMANDU title. Our "Instructor Guest of Honour" is Scott
Ruggels. A long-time notable in the "old-school" anthro fandom, Scott is
well respected for his work for the game industry and for his ability to
teach artistic techniques and provide constructive criticism. As part of
CACE's commitment to promote up and coming Canadian artists, we also
have two "Newcomer Guests of Honour" ˆ Amy Pronovost and Anya Schwartz
are two exciting artists who are well known for their commission work
and/or their contributions to some of the top on-line art archives.
We'll also have a Writer Guest of Honour, but that person isn't
confirmed yet.

If you're interested in more information, there are a couple of sources
you can consider. Via our web site, you can subscribe to our read-only
caceannounce mailing list, or access our interactive discussion board.
There probably won't be any announcements for a few weeks, as people
will take a while to sign up, but you can look forward to monthly
updates from this list. If you still can't find what you're looking for,
please e-mail the appropriate person listed on the contact page. We'll
try to respond to any requests on the discussion board or mailing list
as soon as possible, but please do take into account that most of the
CACE staff have day jobs, and we may take a couple of days to answer

Thanks a lot for your interest. I'll keep everyone updated as more news
becomes available.

Jeff Novotny ˆ chair, CACE


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