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Could Narnia be next on the big screen?

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Rumour has been dropping on Ain't It Cool News that Paramount has given up its rights to film adaptations of the Chronicles of Narnia, leaving the door wide open for anyone who wants to buy them.

With Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings considered such hot property, could a multi-film series with Reepicheep, Bree and Hwin, Jewel and of course the great Aslan be comming up soon?


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While a new production of the Narnia series would almost certainly have better effects, The 1988-1990 live-action series was still quite good. The stories were touching (especially to people like me who've been in Narnia-withdrawl :)), and the Aslan puppet is simply *amazing*.

You can find references to the movies by searching for "Narnia" on IMDB (

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Ahh yes!

I loved those too, except for the fact Reepicheep, my favorite character, looked like a dwarf in a mouse suit (since he was in fact a dwarf in a mouse suit)

Melissa "MelSkunk" Drake

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A quick search through the IMDB showed the live action versions you referred to. They cover four of the books in three movies "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe", "Prince Caspian and the Voyage of the Dawn Treader" (both books combined into one movie) and "The Silver Chair". There was also an earlier animated version of "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe" produced by Bill Melendez (who is best known for his work on the numerous "Peanuts" specials), which isn't too bad though not as faithful to the book as the BBC production. All of these are listed here in the IMDB. A title search didn't turn up any matches on "A Horse and His Boy" or "The Magician's Nephew". There is an entry for a movie entitled "The Last Battle", but it has very little information and is quite possibly unrelated to The Chronicles of Narnia and just happens to have the same title as one of the books.

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I have always hoped that Jim Henson's company would produce a version of the Narnia cronicles. I think the results of that would be astounding, especially with the special effects possible these days. If Disney gets their hands on it, I hope they won't mangle the story like they often do.

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Yes, it could.

Dimension picked up the rights over a month ago. That's a subsidiary of Miramax.

The real question is, can Miramax handle a story of its magnitude?

Supposedly, they intend to make the whole book series. But they may have a hard time getting it as popular as LOTR. Mostly, because very few of the stories in the Narnia Chronicles have anything to do with each other, except fur the fact that they take place in Narnia

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