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Cat proposed as mayor of Mexican state capital Xalapa

Edited as of Tue 2 Feb 2021 - 05:50
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'Candigato Morris', by J Carlos V Padilla 32 days before the mayoral election in Xalapa, capital of the Mexican state of Veracruz, a feline candidate is making a mockery of the ruling coalition's politicians on social networks.

"Candigato Morris" has his own iconic posters and other campaign materials, and has captured the public fancy with such slogans as "no more rats in Xalapa" and "in Xalapa it suits you to vote for another animal; vote for Morris".

According to his Facebook profile, Morris, who was born in Xalapa, "promises no more than the other candidates" and "sleeps a lot, which is the ideal profile for a mayoral candidate."

It's yet to be seen whether the candigato's weakness for "quilts, sheets, pollows, couches, and clothing in general" will be his undoing. Still, given his charisma (and the fact that his campaign page has over 18,000 'likes'), the PAN and PRD coalition candidates may be in serious trouble come July 7.

Campaign organizers Daniel Cruz and Sergio Chamorro have said they wish to promote turnout and encourage the formalization of citizen candidates, and continue to post in support of the campaign:

EXPRESS OUR DISCONTENT IN THE POLLS! and if your server benefits from your valuable vote, then it will be a precedent for future open citizen nominations!! Miauuu!

Morris' affiliation is listed as "cat anarchist" (anarquigato). He has also been proposed as a candidate for the local legislature, given his proven ability to "sit around and yawn". [tip: bluepaw1]

Watch: Candigato Morris' campaign videoFollow: @CandiGato and #ElCandiGatoMorris on Twitter and Facebook - campaign website


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No! Mulvar is correct candidate!

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If elected, it wouldn't be a first. The small town of Guffey, Colorado has had a cat as its mayor at least since 1998.

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I'de vote for him too bad he's not a naturalized us citizen cat I'de sponsor his run for president in 2016

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U.S. presidents must be natural-born, not naturalized.

Personally, I've been working here legally for over eight years and I'm still not even a permanent resident, let alone naturalized; most foriegn-born cats have little chance to become citizens within their lifetime unless they have a parent who is one, marry one, serve in the military, or have enough money to invest in the U.S. that they can buy a green card. (There's also the diversity visa/"green card lottery", but Mexico is ineligible.)

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El Candigato now has his own website.

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I'd vote for him in a heartbeat.

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