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What's most surprising about Canada's $75,000 grant to the ARP to study furries?

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$75,000? You don't mean $7,500?
13% (39 votes)
The ARP? They know Nuka's a furry, right?
8% (23 votes)
Canada? Really?
9% (27 votes)
The very idea of a government grant to study furries.
71% (216 votes)
Votes: 305


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I voted "Canda? Really?" because that was my reaction to your typo.

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Pfft, it's almost 4AM here. Be glad I didn't spell it "Canadia". ;-p

Also, for those who land here and are wondering, here's the source. Technically, they're being paid by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council to study stigmatized groups. It just happens that furries are the one they're looking at right now. They're planning to move onto other groups as well, such as anime fans.

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Pfft, yourself; it's 4 a.m. here.

Which is why I AM NOT replying to the other comment ...

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I always use the Urinal.

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The urinal cake is a lie

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No, no, no. You're doing it wrong.

For maximum effect, you should have posted this here; i.e. in a story I wrote, rather than a poll somebody else did where I'm more interested in the spelling than the content. If you want revenge for off topic rambling in your own story, next time, make sure I care. First rule of revenge; if you're trying to hurt someone, it should probably, you know, hurt.

Rookie mistake. You'll do better next time.

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I'd like to submit that it's always a good idea to spend time (and money) to learn about yourself. I don't think it's particularly crazy at all, especially when something like furry is gaining momentum at the time.

EDIT: Apparently I shouldn't leave comments at 4 AM either, because I didn't actually explain my argument at all...

Basically, what it comes down to is this. Consider the role of governments in higher-level scientific research. In theory, they're there to look at things from a long-term perspective, well before actual uses for that knowledge have been discovered. From that point of view, it makes considerable sense to put some thought into emerging social phenomena, furry included. In this case, that knowledge allows the government to have a better idea of who its citizens are, and (hopefully/ideally) how to better serve their needs. (Yes, I do realize the real world doesn't always operate that way, but that's the general idea.)

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75,000 is probably one of the cheapest grants they've had in awhile so they're like "Meh.."

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I think it was actually one of the larger single grants that year.
Apparently they made a compelling case that the research would support young people.

They wrote a five-year summary, which shows some concrete results. Nice to see the Canadian flag in there.
Flayrah got a shout-out, too! And of course there's the FurScience website.

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Also I'm guessing that's 72,400.80 American dollars, 75K is Canadian.

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Right now, yes. It could easily be more if the exchange rates swing the other way. Honestly, with the measures imposed over the last few years, I'm surprised the U.S. dollar hasn't been devalued. (Probably in part because other major economies are doing something similar.)

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Yet books, electronics, and such are still priced higher. And that's before tax.

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I voted for the amount because it seemed the most surprising but shouldn't there be an option for "not surprised"? Grants are made to study all sorts of things, there's not really anything too surprising to me.

"If all mankind minus one, were of one opinion, and only one person were of the contrary opinion, mankind would be no more justified in silencing that one person, than he, if he had the power, would be justified in silencing mankind."
~John Stuart Mill~

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I guess I could have put "none of this is the least bit surprising", but I figured there would be some minimal level of surprise for at least one of the selections - you were able to pick one, after all.

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So, where are the serious poll options?

Also, ARP:

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They could save some money and ask the NSA/CIA/FBI. They've been monitoring Second Life and compiling notes about furries for years, gathering such stunning observations as "many furries do not dress up as animals in real life."

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