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Further Confusion Hotel Update

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Please be aware that Further Confusion is currently sold out on SUITES only. If you call and try to reserve a suite you will likely be told that rooms are sold out at the con rate for that weekend. However, if you then ask to reserve a regular room at the con rate the reservations agent should then be able to pull up open rooms.

Should you be told that neither suites nor regular rooms are available, please get the agent's name, number and location and send these to and we will try to assit you in completing your reservation.

Remember, reserving and keeping a reservation is the best way to support Further Confusion. Our room night count is the one thing that gives us the most negotiation power with the hotel. It is also what allows us to have more funds available for convention events so that you, our beloved attendees, can enjoy yourselves each year. :)

We are really excited about this years convention and hope to see you there. Remember you can still register for the convention online by visiting Registration is still at the pre-registration price of $35 until December 31st.

Also, should you wish to reserve a room, and we really hope you will, you can do so by calling 1-800-228-9290. The dates for our convention are January 24-27, 2002. The hotel code is SFOSA and the event code is FURCON. Remember, suites ONLY are sold out. Regular rooms are still available at the price of $99 per night for a single/double and $109 per night for a triple/quadruple.

As an added bonus, the Marriott has graciously agreed to extend the room block so that, if you wish to visit friends before or after the convention, you can get a room at the convention rate from January 18th until February 2nd.

Remember, we are not sold out until you see the announcement from the convention itself! Should you have any problems whatsoever reserving a room please send the requested information to!

See you in January!

Shea Lynn, Co-Chair
FurtherConfusion 2002


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