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Animation: 'The Boxtrolls'; are trolls anthropomorphic?

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A stop-motion feature coming from Laika in Portland in September 2014. I dunno; they look more like really ugly men wearing cardboard boxes to me. But, just in case, here’s their first trailer, from Animation Scoop and Cartoon Brew (which also has the movie poster).


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When I think Box Trolls, I think of those Microsoft fans that spam PlayStation message boards.

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I don't understand this "but are they anthropomorphic" stuff. Is it a joke?
"Anthropomorphic" is "anthropomorphic". Look it up.
But "anthropomorphics" has been used as short-hand for "anthropomorphic animals".
Trolls are obviously anthropomorphic, but they aren't anthropomorphic animals.
If you mean "anthropomorphic animals" then why don't you say that instead of using the widely used word "anthropomorphic"

As it stands, when you ask that question, the sentence is pretty meaningless.

Who is your audience, middle-school students?

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Beat me to it. I wanted to say that for months now.

Well, I'll be...

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I was a little harsh and regret it. But at least I got my point across.

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