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Video: the Kia hamsters are back, getting 'totally transformed'

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The Kia hamsters, rodent stars of several commercials for the Kia Motors Corporation, are back in an advertisement to promote the 2014 Soul.

The ad, set to Lady Gaga's "Applause", features the three hamsters jogging, swimming, and working out on various pieces of gym equipment. At the end, emphasising the message that the Soul has been "totally transformed" with a "sleeker, sexier and more sophisticated" look, the hamsters are seen radically slimmed down, wowing the public at a red-carpet event.

The campaign was produced by Kia's long-time ad agency David & Goliath, and directed by its Executive Creative Director, Colin Jeffery. The MTV Video Music Awards (Sunday, August 25) will feature the commercial; it hits 18,000 movie screens across the U.S. on August 30.


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The thin hamsters are hideous.

Cool underwater fur effect, though!

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I agree, the thin hamsters look really weird and unhamster like.

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I prefer my hamsters to have a little meat on them.

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Yeah, I also prefer the chubby urban hamsters. They had character, and they looked like actual hamsters. Compared to the first "Black Sheep" ad, this feels safe and routine.

The CG, as usual, is gorgeous, though.

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