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Anti-bear suit to be tested

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A grizzly-bear-proof suit of armor will be put to the test
on December 9, according to an article in New Scientist. (includes links to things mentioned below)

Troy Hurtubise of North Bay, Ontario, Canada, has been designing this suit for years. He's won an Ig Nobel prize, and the suit, the Ursus Mark VI, was the subject of a National Film Board of Canada documentary, "Project Grizzly". Having seen Troy interviewed on tv recently, it does not look as if the suit has undergone any modification since the documentary. While the thing is incredibly sturdy, he can barely move in it - a slow shuffle at best, and only then on flat ground.

The documentary is somewhat dull, but is memorable for the scenes where you get to see the Mark V and the Mark VI being hit by logs, bikers, a truck, being pushed down a steep embankment, etc. At the end, the suit is taken out to be tested in the field. Unfortunately, no bears come close enough to be confronted, and it is discovered that on uneven ground, the suit falls over. The documentary also sheds light on Troy himself, and what motivates him. The suit bears certain resemblances to a hockey gear/Robocop hybrid.


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Tony's been well honored in the Annals of Improbable Research and has been awarded the Ig Nobel for his efforts. I'd like to see Tony modify the suit for better mobility myself, though, and see if it works (from all the testing, it looks like it would protect).

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