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Applejack Month 2013 Newsbytes archive

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Applejack Month - take a letter crossaffliction, what are you doing? You can't post all those @$#%ing Newsbytes.

Contributors this October include Chipotle, dronon, Fred, GreenReaper, Higgs Raccoon, Kakurady, Patch Packrat, RingtailedFox and Sonious.

Patch Packrat: Read about the troubles of a furry whose mom sent his fursuit to Goodwill, but "the community" stepped in to recover it!

GreenReaper: Now in Flayrah's sidebar: @FangsAndFonts.

crossaffliction: Not the blue, furry character I was hoping would be announced for SSB Wii-U and 3DS, but some of you will be happy to learn Sonic is returning.

Applejack Poker Face crossaffliction: It’s Applejack Appreciation Day! So go appreciate an Applejack. Or something. I don’t know, I don’t care about some silly background pony.

dronon: Dice dragons, by Becca Golins.

dronon: Earlier this year, a Californian court ruled that prisoners have the right to read werewolf erotica.

Higgs Raccoon: FXX picks up Wilfred for fourth (and final) season.

Higgs Raccoon: The first full trailer for Rio 2.

Fred: Jellyfish vs. hunter-killer robots.

Fred: First humans, now dolphins.

crossaffliction: Never mind Applejack Appreciation Day: October is now Applejack Month!

Higgs Raccoon: New York magazine presents “Q&A: The Women Who Write Dinosaur Erotica”.

Fred: Airlift for red squirrels.

Fred: Poisonous snakes that leap at you.

Fred: A new species of owl.

Fred: Fun facts about binturongs.

Patch Packrat: Actress Isabella Rossellini wears a fish on her head and "dons a furry suit" - for science!

Fred: It's not worth a story, but Flayrah readers should enjoy this Australian TV adv't with an anthro vixen from the middle of last month.

Applejack Month 'Can't Quit You' GreenReaper: Death by snu-snu: some male marsupials expire after 14-hour mating marathons.

RingtailedFox: Evansville dog crashes half-marathon, wins medal - and vet appointment! [Yahoo! News]

Fred: Brown recluse spider's silk is strong and really strange.

Fred: Cyborg cockroaches: they're real, but are they ethical?

GreenReaper: Tears keep frisky mice away from juveniles.

GreenReaper: California's sea otters, the "wolverines of the sea", make surprise comeback.

crossaffliction: @Fred’s brown recluse spider link: Writer Gordon Grice’s essay on the spider points out that the chemical which can kill or horribly maim a human is not actually the venom the spider uses to kill prey.

GreenReaper: Dutch rats sniff out crime.

Patch Packrat: The Stanford Arts Review on San Francisco's famous fetish fest, Folsom Street Fair: Furries bang their giant heads to live bands like Icky Blossoms and Light Asylum—bands as entertained by the underdressed and flailing crowds as the crowds are by their deafening beats.

Patch Packrat: A sex educator has trouble understanding why people wear costumes to gay pride parades, especially Furries.

Patch Packrat: (NSFW) San Francisco's Center for Sex and Culture has a library for zines preserved nowhere else, including early Furry comics.

crossaffliction: Since I am the awards guy, check out a rough draft of all my Oscar predictions. Keep in mind this is basically completely sight unseen, yeah, that sounds good guesses at this point; way too much Hobbit in there at this point …

RingtailedFox: Why did the turtle cross the road? So a rattlesnake could bite a human! [WPLG-TV Local 10]

Fred: Elephants get the point.

Fred: Government shutdown helps Chinese stinkbugs.

Patch Packrat: Dirty gay rapper MC Crumbsnatcher has many friends in the furry subculture. A bunch of them helped make his third video just released. Read an interview with him and see the video featuring aliens with 10 boobs and scantily-clad boys in skunk tails.

Fred: The giant salamanders the size of a man.

GreenReaper: Subordinate female meerkats 'pay rent' to avoid eviction from their groups.

Higgs Raccoon: Howard Hardiman on "The Lengths", a "controversial, important comic about male escorts, imagined as dogs".

dronon: Episode 506 of This American Life is a short documentary piece about a young woman's mascot work.

GreenReaper: The New Zealand Herald covers local fursuit-maker Sparky and her business.

Kakurady: Surprisingly, the Herald story did not feature fursuit photos, as news coverage of furries tend to do. (It would have been appropriate here, too.) Instead, it has a portrait of the maker in a fur coat.

Fred: Tough to be a stray dog in Bucharest -- but they kill people.

Higgs Raccoon: The Russians are to get their own version of Wilfred, retitled Charlie.

Fred: A religious holy war on dog poop.

dronon: The 2nd place winner of the Mammal Society 2013 Photographer of the Year contest is a wonderful example of fox derp.

Fred: How cats see things.

GreenReaper: The Kernel says "F is for Furries", but spends most of the time talking about frisky fursuiters.

Fred: The pigeons that smuggle cigars.

Higgs Raccoon: DreamWorks have released a few still images from the upcoming Mr. Peabody & Sherman animated film.

Fred: Scientist says yeti may be an undiscovered bear.

Fred: The world's most terrifying jaws.

Fred: There are spiders in your car -- if you have a Toyota or a Mazda.

GreenReaper: Forget wolf howls - could you imitate a stag?

dronon: Superhero squirrels.

dronon: In other squirrel news, Squirrel Girl is now part of the Marvel Heroes game.

Fred: Ichythyocentaurs and flying turtles; the sea monsters on ancient maps.

GreenReaper: Canine distemper virus, a relative of measles, threatens Siberian tigers.

GreenReaper: If you want that SpongeBob Squarepants headstone, better get authorization in triplicate.

Fred: Indonesian gov't seizes "street monkeys" of Jakarta.

RingtailedFox: Moncton, NB RCMP run over coyote.

Higgs Raccoon: "God bless them" - Marg Helgenberger recalls the "Fur and Loathing" episode of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.

dronon: The 5th Blacksad comic is out in France soon! [Amarillo]

Fred: Spiders, spiders, everywhere!

RingtailedFox: Someone shot an otter on Vancouver Island! Who would do such horrible things?
Applejack Month Princess Celestia
Patch Packrat: Did you see the “fox has the right to remain silent” joke going around? That's Groggy Fox.

Chipotle: Claw & Quill issue #1 has launched.

dronon: Congrats to Claw & Quill! It's dance time!

Sonious: Team Fortress 2 adds a new 'Bronie' hat.

GreenReaper: Does your 'rescue dog' come from a puppy mill?

Higgs Raccoon:Scientists decipher dog-tail wags.”

dronon: If you're going to MFF and arriving on Thursday (or before noon on Friday), please read this, and pass it on.

GreenReaper: Check out the fursuit adaption of Gypsy and the Cat's "Time to Wander" by Willion. [@FursdayObserver]

crossaffliction: @#$% you I can't post all the Newsbytes!


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