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Upcoming furry comics for December 2015

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Every month, in addition to the solicits we'll get to in a minute, Preview runs top 100 bestsellers list; it's a few months behind, so it's a bit confusing, especially when you remember this is the October issue which comes out in September with solicits for December, and the top 100 list is for August. So, anyway, furry comics that made the list for August 2015 include:

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451 Media Group

Bad Moon Rising #3
Written by Scott Rosenberg and Brandon M. Easton, art by Ty Dazo
32 pages, full color, US $3.99
"There is something stirring in the woods outside the town of Talbot, something hungry! As the Lunar Cycles' welcome from the townsfolk begins to wear thing, a third grizzly attack leaves an entire family ripped to pieces. Teddy continues his search for who, or what, killed his father, discovering pieces of his past in the process. Fearing for their safety, the townsfolk bring in their own animal tracker to investigate the gruesome murders. Unfortunately for the townsfolk, they find what they are looking for!"

Action Lab

Hero Cats: Midnight Over Stellar City #2
Written by Kyle Puttkammer, art by Alex Ogle
32 pages, full color, US $3.99, rated all ages
"The tyrannical Crow King continues to trouble our intrepid hero. Can Midnight turn the tables and invade his realm? With Belle and Robot as his guides, anything is possible!"

Antarctic Press

Gold Digger #229
Writing and art by Fred Perry
32 pages, full color, US $3.99
"Dreadwing has claimed the Ancient One's cosmic energies, but his grasp is tenuous. There's only one chance to stop him now: Britanny must use the fading power of her cosmic booty to hold Dreadwing long enough for Jade-Realm's defenders to gather strength for a final shot, uniting to hit him where it hurts."

Archie Comics

Sonic the Hedgehog #280
Written by Ian Flynn, art by Terry Austin and Jamal Peppers
32 pages, full color, US $3.99
"In Keys to Victory, Sonic, Tails and Chip head to the Efrikan settlement of Mazuri to find the next set of Gaia Keys - but they'll have to go through the tough and menacing Axel, the Egg Boss of the Efrika Egg Army, to find them! While deep in the heart of the Gaia Temple, Chip finds something incredible, but you'll just have to wait and see what it is! Then, in A Special Occasion, Sally and Rotor are one girl's only hope in a family emergency! Featuring awesome cover art by jamming Jamal Peppers and an Altered Beast variant by the the exquisite Erik Ly!"

Sonic Universe #85
Written by Ian Flynn, art by Jim Amash and Tracy Yardley
32 pages, full color, US $3.99
"Eggman's Dozen, part one. Dr. Eggman's plans for controlling the shattered world were going perfectly - until now! The wizard warlords, the Naugus Twins, have taken over Eggman's base and Dr. Eggman's source of Dark Gaia energy! No mere robots will do for this mission - the doctor's going to need all his Egg Bosses! Featuring cover art by Mr. Sonic comics himself, Tracy Yardley, and an Evil Genius variant by CG artist supreme Rafa Knight!"

Bongo Comics

United Plankton Pictures

SpongeBob Comics
Writing and art by Corey Barba, written by Joey Weiser, art by Vincent DePorter and Graham Annable
32 pages, full color, US $2.99
"In our unprecedented underwater-gaming issue, Squidward gets really into roleplaying - as a 5th level Mer-Bard with a magic flute in Serpents and Sealords. Then SpongeBob and Patrick meet the creator of their favorite table-top game Legends of Aquaria! Plus, a SpongeBob pinball spread by Jon Chad (Leo Geo), a Bikini Bottom video game tale by Zac Gorman (Costume Quest), and a surreal sequential sponge story by Bob Flynn! All wrapped up in a cover by Graham Annable that's a playable SpongeBob board game!"

Boom! Studios

Wild's End: The Enemy Within #4
Written by Dan Abnett, art by I.N.J. Culbard
32 pages, full color, US $3.99
"Fawkes and Alph discovers the alien crash site from weeks earlier."


Jim Henson's The Storyteller: Dragons #1 (of 4)
Writing and art by Daniel Bayliss, written by Fabian Rangel Jr.
32 pages, full color, US $3.99
"What's to love: We explored the many different myths and legends about witches in Jim Henson's The Storyteller: Witches and we're thrilled to rejoin the Storyteller and his faithful dog as they explore a whole new set of stories about dragons from talented creators with beautiful and unique styles. What it is: Dragons have taken many different shapes in cultures across the world, from serpents and 'worms' to thunderbirds and the classic European firebreather. In this first issue, Fabian Rangel Jr. (Mouse Guard: Legends of the Guard) and artist Daniel Bayliss (Translucid) bring us Son of the Serpent, inspired by Native American stories about the Horned Snake and the Thunderbird."


Adventure Time #47
Written by Christopher Hastings, art by Zachary Sterling and Nicole Gustafsson
32 pages, full color, US $3.99
"Finn, Jake and their mysterious 'old friend' travel to Jake's parents' old apartment in the city to figure out what's going on!"

Adventure Time with Fionna & Cake: Card Wars #6 (of 6)
Writing and art by Jen Wang, art by Britt Wilson
32 pages, full color, US $3.99
"The Floop Master is revealed, and Cake takes on the rest of the tournament!"

Garfield's Cheesy Holiday Special #1
Written by Mark Evanier and Scott Nickel, art by Andy Hirsch and David DeGrand
48 pages, full color, US $4.99
"What's to love: The FAt Cat makes the perfect lasagna-stuffed stocking stuffer in this oversized holiday one-shot from some of our favorite Garfield pals! What it is: It's time for the not-so-classic story of The Lasagna Monster That Stole Christmas, where the Lasagna Monster steals all the lasagna in the world on Christmas Day!"

Regular Show #30
Written by Mad Rupert, art by Laura Howell and Robb Mommaerts
32 pages, full color, US $3.99
"Mordecai, Rigby, Benson and Skips take a tour of the Rainbow Palace in the clouds, but it turns into a battlefield!"

Chapterhouse Comics

Spirit Leaves #1
Writing and art by Rossi Gifford
32 pages, full color, US $3.99
"Scottish-born Rossi Gifford's quarterly debut has been hailed as 'a beautifully rendered surreal adventure' by Ramon Perez, and 'dynamic and involving with a gorgeous colour palette' by Dave Gibbons. Freya, an albino deer girl training to be a shaman, sets off to the mystical forest to find out what is causing an imbalance. Along the journey, she meets a wolf boy looking for the same entity, and they agree to find it together. Both are determined to pursue this force and prove they are capable on their own - but how do you stop a demon?"

Dark Horse

Abe Sapien #29
Written by Mike Mignola and Scott Allie, art by Max Fiumara and Dave Stewart
32 pages, full color, US $3.50, on sale Dec. 9
"Abe meets a prophetic young woman who knows the truth about his role in what's coming."


Batman/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #1
Written by James Tynion IV, art by Freddie E. Williams II
32 pages, full color, US $3.99, rated T, on sale Dec 9
"DC comics and IDW team up for the crossover you never saw coming as two of the greatest entertainment icons meet for the first time! In Gotham City, a series of deadly raids leads Batman to believe he's up against a group of highly trained ninjas known as the Foot Clan! Somehow, they've crossed over to another dimension and are determined to take advantage of the situation while looking to get back home. But they haven't come alone: Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello and Michelangelo are hot on their trail. Get ready for excitement as heroes and villains from both worlds clash and team up in an epic battle that threatens the very fabric of reality!"

Doctor Fate #7
Written by Paul Levitz, art by Soonny Liew
32 pages, full color, US $2.99, rated T, on sale Dec 16
"One of the most acclaimed new DC Comics series concludes its first amazing epic as Anubis defeats Fate and takes his body and saoul on a surreal journey into the ancient and mystical House of the Dead."

Looney Tunes #228
Written by Sholly Fisch, art by Robert Pope, Scott McRae and Derek Fridolf
32 pages, full color, US $2.99, rated E, on sale Dec 2
"Shhhh! Quiet! Use your inside voices, please - librarian Porky is determined to keep his library quiet. But that's easier said than done when his new (and bored) library assistant, Daffy, decides to liven the place up ... with fireworks, conga lines and even a halftime show!"

Scooby-Doo, Where Are You? #64
Written by Derek Fridolfs, art by Walter Carzon, Horacio Ottolini and Dave Alvarez
32 pages, full color, US $2.99, rated E, on sale Dec 9
"Try solving a mystery - while you're behind bars! When a rash of robberies in Crystal Cove all point to Mystery Inc. as the perpetrators, they get locked up in jail. But if the gang isn't responsible, then why do the fellons look so familiar? It's up to Scooby to help prove their innocence!"


Fables: The Wolf Among Us #12
Written by Matthew Sturges and Dave Justus, art by Steve Sadowski, Shawn McManus, Travis Moore and Chrissie Zullo
40 pages, full color, US $3.99, rated mature readers, on sale Dec 9
"Beaten, broken and left for dead, Bigby's more determined than ever to track down the mastermind behind the murders. The clues lead him to a little mermaid with a big problem, a beauty with some beastly shopping habits and a pawn shop run by the Devil himself! Plus, a new back-up tale begins here, showing the Crooked Man's rise to power!"

Dynamite Entertainment

Grumpy Cat #3
Written by Ben McCool, Elliott Serrano and Ben Fisher, art by Steve Uy, Ken Haeser and Michelle Nguyen
32 pages, full color, US $3.99, rated all ages, on sale Dec 9
"The grand finale to Dynamite's first ever official Grumpy Cat comic book series! We conclude the misadventures of Grumpy and Pokey with three more short stories by three very talented creative teams. Follow our lovable (yet grumpy) feline siblings as they do such things as track down the mystery of who (or what) stole their kitty treats ... try their paws at the creative arts ... and even greet visitors from another planet!"


Angry Birds: Super Angry Birds #4 (of 4)
Written by Jeff Parker, art by Ron Randall
32 pages, full color, US $3.99
"Hey Stella! When Stella's dreams of a career as a singer are crushed because all the night clubs in New Yolk City are run by King Pig, it's up to the Super Angry Birds to make her dreams come true."

Donald Duck #8
Written by Massimo Marconi and Jan Kruse, art by Romano Scarpa, Bas Heymans and Michel Nadorp
40 pages, full color, US $3.99
"Fan favorite Romano Scarpa drags out the Dickens with a futuristic twist - as Donald catches the Spaced-Out Christmas spirit! Then Donald celebrates Counterfeit Christmas with the Beagle Boys ... uh-oh!"

Mickey & Donald Christmas Parade
Written by Abramo Barosso, Giampaolo Barosso, Kirsten De Graaf, Jonathan Gray, Joe Torcivia and Thad Komorowski, art by Giovan Battista Carpi, Mau Heymans, Marco Mazzarello and Giorgio Cavazzano
64 pages, full color, US $5.99
"It's a ho-ho-humongous collection of Disney Yuletide tales! Mickey and Uncle Scrooge battle Pegleg Pete and the Beagle Boys in The Christmas Caper! Then Daisy, Donald and Gladstone have a not-so-jolly holiday in Christmas Clubbing - and Super Goof returns for interstellar shenanigans in The Sinister Space Santa!"

Mickey Mouse #7
Written by Abramo Barossa, Giampaolo Barosso and Joe Torcivia, art by Romano Scarpa and Andrea Casty Castellan
40 pages, full color, US $3.99
"The Christmas Tree Crimes. All over Mouseton, silent nights are disrupted by a most peculiar Phantom Blot attack! Then Pegleg Pete slips Mickey a mickey in While We Were Waiting."

My little Pony: Friends Forever #23
Written by Ted Anderson, art by Tony Fleecs and Amy Mebberson
32 pages, full color, US $3.99
"Applejack and Fluttershy go camping! The serenity of nature is ruined when ponies travel from all over Equestria to catch a glimpse of the legendary Pigasus that is rumored to be in the area! Will our two ponies be able to get to the bottom of the mystery ... before pigs fly?"

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #37
Written by Jeremy Whitley, art by Andy Price
32 pages, full color, US $3.99
"Siege of the Crystal Empire, part 4! The epic comes to a close! Multiple characters must make crucial decisions that will have an impact on the Crystal Empire - and Equestria - forever!"

My Little Pony Holiday Special
Writing and art by Katie Cook
32 pages, full color, US $3.99
"It's holiday time in Equestria and the Ponies are ready to celebrate! Join the celebration in this special one shot that shows how different ponies enjoy the festivities!"

Skylanders: SuperChargers #3
Written by Ron Marz and David A. Rodriguez, art by Fico Ossio
32 pages, full color, US $3.99
"First story arc concludes! With the world crashing around them, Spyro and the Superchargers team race to save Skylands from certain doom!"

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #53
Written by Tom Waltz and Kevin Eastman, art by Michael Dialynas
"32 pages, full color, US $3.99
"Michelangelo is warmly welcomed when he visits the Mutanimals. But the hospitality may be cut short when he discovers what Hob's new plan is ..."

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Amazing Adventures #5
Written by Peter DiCicco and Ian Flynn, art by Chad Thomas, Coleman Engle and Jon Sommariva
32 pages, full color, US $3.99
"The Turtles are stuck in a fiendish trap facing the Foot mutants? They seem to be helpless, all except Leo, who is busy ... having tea?"

TMNT Color Classics, Vol. 3, #12
Writing and art by Jim Lawson, written by Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird, art by A.C. Farley
32 pages, full color, US $3.99
"City at War, part 10! The TMNT have joined with Karai as a bloody civil war breaks out within the Foot Clan. Meanwhile, Master Splinter's visit with the mysterious Rat King comes to a shocking end!"

Uncle Scrooge #9
Written byy Tito Faraci and Gary Leach, art by Giorgio Cavazzano
40 pages, full color, US $3.99
"Another Christmas on Bear Mountain. If Scrooge McDuck stepped back in time - to that fateful Yule night when he first met Donald as a grown duck! - might he settle the misdeeds that have haunted them for an age?"

Walt Disney's Comics & Stories #726
Written by Bruno Sarda, David Gerstein and Jonathan Gray, art by Massimo De Vita, Mark Kausler and Amy Mebberson
40 pages, full color, US $3.99
"The Search for the Zodiac Stone, chapter 6! Donald hits Hawaii to find the powerful Pisces pendant. But Gladstone Gander might be more powerful still! Then Oswald the Lucky Rabbit celebrates Christmas at Ortensia's ... but everything goes wrong Just Like Magic!"


Carnage #3
Written by Gerry Conway, art by Mike Perkins and Mike Del Mundo
32 pages, US $3.99, rated T+
"Trapped down in a mineshaft with Carnage, the situation for the FBI's symbiote squad gets hairy when John Jameson loses his cool. You won't want to miss th-AROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"

Figment 2 #4 (of 5)
Written by Jim Zub, art by Ramon Bachs and John Tyler Christopher
32 pages, US $3.99, rated all ages
"Deep within the depths of Doubt, our heroes have nowhere to turn! Capri, Figment and Spark come face to face with Dreamfinder's corrupted imagination ... but will they survive the experience? Another adventurous isnstallment of the sequel to the fan-favorite Disney Kingdom miniseries!"

Guardians of Infinity #1
Written by Dan Abnett and Jason Latour, art by Carlo Barberi and Jim Cheung
40 pages, US $4.99, rated T
"Who are the Guardians 1000?! Defending the galaxy is a good gig, but Drax isn't thrilled with the combat hours (not enough of them) and Rocket isn't thrilled with the compensation (not enough of it). They're off on an adventure to supplement both, and Groot is happy to come along. But instead of the perks they want, they're about to get more trouble than they can handle. Good thing the Guardians 3000 are on hand to help. But what about ... the Guardians 1000??!! Also in this issue, Latour and Cheung tell a one-off story of Ben Grimm and Rocket Raccoon, stuck on a planet where culture is based on Earth-style professional wrestling ... but the stakes are life and death! This ain't kayfabe, brother!"

Guardians of the Galaxy #3
Written by Brian Michael Bendis, art by Valerio Schiti and Arthur Adams
32 pages, US $3.99, rated T
"Gamora is back, but things have changed. What has she been doing for the last eight months?!"
crossie's note: These Guardians solicits this month are really liking their question mark/exclamation mark combos.

Howard the Duck #2
Written by Chip Zdarsky, art by Vernoica Fish and Joe Quinones
40 pages, US $4.99, rated T+
"Our World. Plus, a new Gwenpool story!"

Marvel Universe Guardians of the Galaxy #3
Written by Joe Caramagna
32 pages, US $2.99, rated all ages
"The Guardians are back! You're welcome. But how long will this ragtag team be able to stand each other?! Don't miss everyone's favorite galaxy-faring adventurers' latest series!"

The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #3
Written by Ryan North, art by Erica Henderson
32 pages, US $3.99, rated T
"Squirrel Girl has woken up, only to find she's been hurled back in time to the 1960s! Mondays, am I right? And if that wasn't trouble enough, her friend Nancy is coming face to face with the villainous [CENSORED]! Yes, I've noticed that when I type [CENSORED]'s name it shows up as [CENSORED]; no, I don't know hot to fix that. This book features the following: Squirrel Girl, time travel, [CENSORED] and emotions! It promises to satisfy fans of each of those things, even if they don't like the other things! Which is great because emotions are just the worst."

Titan Comics

Kung Fu Panda #3
Written by Simon Furman, art by Zak Simmonds-Hurn
32 pages, full color, US $3.99
"Daze of Thunder. Po has been mastering battle techniques, but can he battle the elements? Well he's soon about to find out, as Lei Gong, a huge Kung Fu master Gorilla who has tapped into forbidden elemental sorcery, hits town (literally). Will he persuade Po to join forces with him?"
crossie's note: Well, until next time, let the ponies hit the floor!


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