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Which version of Ratatoskr do you prefer?

Edited as of Tue 12 Apr 2016 - 14:44
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70% (7 votes)
Marvel universe
30% (3 votes)
Votes: 10


Your rating: None Average: 2 (1 vote)

This week's poll is based on our current top story; which version of the Norse god of gossip do you prefer? Even if you've never played the game/read the comic/both, hey, you can check out the article and at least pick one based on which one looks cooler, right?

Last week's poll, which was terrible, had 83% of those bothering to offer an opinion apparently agree with my observation that cartoon dinosaurs are contractually obligated to migrate, and not even the mighty Pixar is immune to that immutable law of animation. Of course, there were only six votes; you have to wonder if the lone vote was some random Pixar employee who wandered in tried to put us all in our place.

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I think either you did not tweet last week's poll (or this one), or it did not work, as they aren't showing up on our feed. Might account for the lack of votage! Does it show up on Twitter if you tick the box and resave?

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Oh, actually I meant to tell you that in the FAF thread with the Khyber guy; there is no box.

Newsbytes are going through, but the last couple weeks worth of stories/polls aren't; it's not a question of ticking the box. The box isn't there. I thought maybe you'd finally put it on auto-Tweet or something, but when I finally checked, the stories weren't up.

I just checked the top story; yeah, button's still not there.

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OK, I see what happened - it was due to a recent update adding a selectable permission for that. Try now!

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Works; Rakuen's con report is actually the last story tweeterized, and you've apparently manually tweeted the last two, so there's just one more to retweet.

Which I'll do in just a second.

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