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Marvel comics to feature furry collectible covers in All-New Marvel NOW!

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X-Men Cats Because superheroes and reboots go together like peanut butter and jelly, Marvel is featuring an All-New Marvel NOW! throughout the early half of 2014, in which many of the publisher’s superhero books are gaining new writers and artists, while others are beginning with new #1 issues — never mind that the All-Old Marvel NOW! is barely a little over a year old itself.

Loki fox This would be a big “so what?” for furry fans, if weren’t for the alternative collectible covers that will be featured as incentives for collectors. They feature the Marvel superheroes as furries! [tip: Fred via Newsbyte]

Alternative versions include Ghost Rider as a hamster, Deadpool as a giraffe, Moon Knight as a hippopotamus, Loki, Batroc the Leaper and Captain Marvel as foxes, Captain Marvel as a fox Wolverine as a cat, platypus and otter (but not a wolverine) and Rocket Raccoon as a … human.

Artists creating covers include Stephanie Buscema, Katie Cook, Chris Eliopoulos, David Lopez, Paco Medina, Chris Samnee, David Petersen and Mike Del Mundo.

Marvel frequently features alternative cover collections, ranging from character based to theme based. The trend really began with the alternative covers celebrating the first Marvel Zombies mini-series; the only other truly furry comic cover collection would be the ones inspired by the Marvel Apes mini-series.

Though not part of a collection of covers, a recent Deadpool mini-series featured an alternative cover with Marvel universe members as ponies; bonus points in including the only Marvel superhero team whose powers are pony based.

For the benefit of non-comic collectors: these are covers only; the characters and storylines will remain unaffected in the comics themselves.


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Why am I not surprised that you picked the ones with foxes for this story? :-)

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Yes, but also it was so I only had to link to the Winter Soldier cover instead of think of three words when I listed the characters changed into foxes!

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Is this marvel taking inspiration from our Fandom and giving us a tip of the hat, or is this blatant pandering to Furries working on an assumption that we are just like any other Fandom, and if we like Furries then we must like comic books too and buy them if they put Furries in them?

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I think it's "we just got done with Marvel babies ... what's next?" "We haven't done animals yet." "Okay."

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