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FC2002 Update - Live Animal Events

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Further Confusion has bad, good and even better news about our expected
visit from Kirshner this year. First the bad news; due to a scheduling
snafu that caused a double booking of our convention weekend, Kirshner
will not be able to attend with their cats.

Now the good news! We have contacted Ron Whitfield, of Marine World
Africa fame, and scheduled a visit from him and one of his gorgeous tigers
to replace the expected visit from Kirshner's tiger!

Ron used to train
and care for the tigers that were at Marine World Africa before it
was decided to get rid of the animal exhibits there. At that time, the
management there gave them two weeks to find homes for 37 lions and
tigers. It was then that he made arrangements to move the entire
population to his ranch until he could relocate most of them at
sanctuaries across the country. He now runs Wildlife Companions whose
core are 12 of the cats who were displaced from Marine World. He will
also have a group of smaller animals with him as well. They will be with
us on Friday during the daytime hours, so make sure to plan accordingly so
that you don't miss out on this wonderful opportunity! His schedule will
include time for artist-only live drawing, an educational presentation on
his wonderful Wildlife Companions, as well as time set aside for people to
wander through and view them.

Now on to even better news! With help from Kirshner, we've contacted
Classroom Safari and this year we'll not only be able to provide time for
our attendees to spend time with a live tiger from Ron Whitfield's group,
but a wolf from Classroom Safari as well! We've been trying for a few
years, unsuccessfully, to find a group that had as part of their group a
large canine. We've found foxes and such, but never were we able to find
a wolf. Classroom Safari has among their family a beautiful wolf which is
scheduled to visit us on Saturday. This non-profit group, much like
Kirshner, visits classrooms to bring education presentations to school age
children and bring them up close and personal with the animals they are
trying to preserve. Along with the wolf, Classroom Safari, will also have
a collection of smaller animals. Their schedule will be similar to
Wildlife Companion's with time for artists to draw, an educational
presentation as well as time for attendees to walk through and view their


Further Confusion


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