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Video: Reptiles as heroes rather than villains?

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It's something sadly not as commonly seen as other heroic anthropomorphic animal characters, but animator Lightsen's recent project Lizard Cops showcases reptiles as heroes rather than villains.


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Fly-flavored ice cream?

It isn’t animated, but Ursula Vernon’s “Danny Dragonbreath” children’s series has as supporting characters Wendell Elwood the iguana, Christiana Vanderpool the lizard, and Suki the salamander. They’re good-guy characters. Eddie Drueding’s “Arraborough” adult series (two novels so far) has cousins Slick and Slither Snake as two of the good guys (although I still can’t envision a snake walking down the street), and Tust Turtle as another. Are reptiles (other than dragons like Smaug) really villains more often than heroes?

Fred Patten

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