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Review: 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' Ultimate Showdown DVD, Disc 2

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TMNT Ultimate Showdown DVD back coverHere we come to the finale of the two disc “Ultimate Showdown” set of episodes from the Nickelodeon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series. It also contains the final six (or seven, depending on how you count the finale) episodes of the first season, so it’s a finale there as well.

The first disc was reviewed here, and the rest of the first season can be found starting here, continuing here and here. So, let’s get to the episodes!

The Episodes

“Enemy of my Enemy”

Karai is messing with the turtles when it turns out that “alien invasion” thing they’re always talking about is going down right now (though, seriously, she’s already met Justin; how is one Kraang UFO that much more surprising?). She decides to temporarily team up with the turtles; or does she? The turtles aren’t sure, so they decide to betray her before she can betray them. Except she was totally serious about that team-up thing. Whoops.

Also, the Kraang flying saucer pilot is the best Kraang in the series; good thing he survives the saucer’s crash. Maybe.

“Karai’s Vendetta”

That Kraang pilot lets slip to the Shredder that April O’Neil is really important to the turtles, so Karai, who now doesn’t feel so generous to the turtles, is sent to kidnap her. Meanwhile, the turtles are on a submarine mission to a Kraang underwater base guarded by a giant Loch Ness monster like creature. If I’m not mistaken, this creature is animated in such a way as to seem stop motion.

Donatello’s new submarine, of course, looks like a giant turtle. And, apparently, a female alien Loch Ness monster like creature. I am not at all sure how that scene ever got the green light on a children’s network’s cartoon show.

“The Pulveriser Returns!”

The fat guy who wanted to be a superhero is back, and this time, he’s joined up with the Foot, who, thanks to the turtles, are a bit behind on their recruitment drives. The captured Kraang pilot and Shredder are close to a team-up, but for right now, the big plan is a new mutant army for the Foot.

And guess who volunteers to be the first new mutant? The Pulveriser doesn’t end up being an anthropomorphic mutant, let’s put it that way.


I hate wasps.

“Operation: Break Out”

Well, after last episode’s horror show, we get … oh, boy, more horror movie tropes. I mean, I’m a big horror fan, but the constant horror movie shout outs are just bizarre here. This time, the monster is a Kraang prisoner that seems to have been a newt at one point, so now he’s the Newtralizer (that name was Donatello’s, not Michelangelo, and Mikey’s not happy about that). The poor Kraang seem to serve no purpose than to be victims of various horror movie monsters. One is actually eaten, yes, eaten by the Michelangelo. They’re such harmless, funny villains that it’s easy to feel bad for the poor guys.

Oh, and the Kraang pilot and Shredder have taken their relationship to a new level. Wait, that came out wrong.


And here comes the big season one finale. It’s a two parter; or a double length episode. It keeps changing around; who cares? It’s not important. What is important is the Kraang launch there big invasion of Earth, led personally by Kraang Prime, voiced by, of all people, Roseanne Barr. It’s all very exciting, but the real showstopper isn’t the center ring here.

Splinter and Shredder have their big duel; at first it’s man vs. man, until Splinter decides sometimes, if life sends you lemons in the form of being turned into a giant rat, make lemonade by surprising your lifelong rival who knows all your ninja moves by going full rat on his butt. Oh, yes, there is a twist revealed. It’s a good one; it got me.


This disc contains the “animated” comic book continuation from the “Enter the Shredder” DVD; I don’t have to eat my hat. I guessed the twist this time; of course, it helps I’ve already read this one in another TMNT comic.


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